Saturday, January 25, 2014

Plugging away...

That's what our Januarys are always about. Plugging away.

Boys are plugging away at school. I'm plugging away at people's taxes. The hubs is plugging away at trying to juggle a full time job and taking on some of my roles (chauffeur, referee, taste-tester, etc.).

Plugging away.

This week flew by. Another 50 hour week at the office, but honestly didn't feel quite so bad. Stayed very busy, and that's always good to make the time go by quickly.

Both of boys are doing well with maintaining their school schedules. Bailey is trying to decide which writing course he wants to take, as a follow up to the middle school writing course he took last. He's excited for the course, but he's a little hesitant...his high school courses are taking him longer than he thought each day. At least he likes them though. Well, likes most of them. Algebra is kicking his butt, but he's a trooper, and still gives it his best.

Braeden surprised me this week. Usually when I ask him to pick his own spelling lists, he will either try to pick lists he's already done (like, done twenty times over, lol), or he will try to pick lists that are way too easy for him. Last night, when I got home from work, the first thing he told me was that he picked a list about the Great Lakes. Started spouting off all the lake names, and states that surround them. I was shocked. And so proud!

This week they will continue to do what they do. Bailey is going to spend any extra time working on his 4-H DPA project, and Braeden is going to work on some extra homeschool science stuff. If all else fails, we've got science. :D

Logging off to spend some time with my guys. Leaving you with a coupla random pics that the boys sent me this week:

Bailey tried his hand at homemade herbal tea.
My kids crack me up. I have no idea what's going on here, other than Braeden stuffed a weird wedge pillow thing in his shirt, lol...


Joy C said...

LOVE the photos! Something must be in the air although I did not get a photo. My daughter took a wig, one of her brothers tshirts, and a mop and woke her brother up....poor kid thought Jesus had entered the room. So funny...but not. ;)

Katie Shuler said...

Hahaha...don't you love kids' imaginations?! :D Thanks for the comment. :)