Friday, November 14, 2014

Stuffs and Randoms

I have a bazillion things running around my brain right now. I want to get several things out, but I know I won't have the patience to try and put them in any sort of order. So....

Bits o' random, coming at you...

What's been going on since I spoke with you last? In my head, it feels like it's been months, lol. Last weekend, we visited our local Medieval Times for the first time. We went with friends, and our little group of 13 had an amazing time!

We were team yellow.

The arena.

Our yellow knight.


The kind and his peeps. 

School is going well. Bailey is working on NaNoWriMo for the first time, and enjoying it. He won't hit 50,000 words, but he's sticking with it, so I'm happy. Braeden would have liked to do NaNoWriMo, but only if took the place of his other school work. Ha. He's enjoying school, but would rather be back in his third grade homeschool curriculum, rather than moving forward with 5th grade. 5th grade is a big year...learning a lot of new concepts, instead of rehashing what he's already learned. I am grateful that we haven't butted heads much though, so that's something.

We had another field trip to the history center to learn about WWI. Of course I didn't take many pics...but I did get two.

Learning about trench warfare.

A reenactment of sorts...who started the war, who were allies and who were enemies. Done on a "playground," lol.

I made my very first batch of kombucha! It's currently in its second ferment, so I haven't tasted it yet, but we are looking forward to trying it! I hope to post an instructional for those interested, after we taste the final product and I can make sure I did it right, lol.

Thanks to a lovely friend, this is my "mother" at the beginning of the first ferment. 

The start of the second ferment! Grape! 

Hmmm. What else? I don't think much more is going on. I am working a couple of days a week at the tax office, to get ready for the upcoming tax season. Lots of family visits coming up with the holidays. Tomorrow is my last day of week 6 of the C25K program. Week 6! I really cannot believe I have come that far. And I'm feeling GREAT about it! As of today, I am down 45 pounds. Yep, that's clap worthy.

Go ahead. Round of applause. I'll wait.


Seriously, if anyone out there wants to get started on a healthier path, but you don't think you can, lemme tell ya - if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT. :)

Alrighty then. I'm out. I wish each and every one of you a fabulous November and a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones! Until next time...