Thursday, October 23, 2014

Turning Two, and Other Updates...

I was supposed to come back after the Dragon Con post, wasn't I? Oops. Life, man...gettin' a little crazy up in here! ;)

Long past time for an update, so what's been going on with us?

School has been going well. Both boys have established their routines with their high school and elementary online curriculum programs. We have added quite a few more field trips than normal to our schedule. Some homeschool days at the Atlanta History Center (Villains in History earlier this month, WWI next month), and we are also planning our first trip to Kennesaw State University's Museum of History and Holocaust Education as well.

Family stuffs has been fun. This past weekend, we helped my sweet nephew celebrate turning two! Such a big boy now, yeah? It seems like it was soooooooo long ago that either of mine were two, lol.

He got a brand new big boy bed!

And a tractor/power wheel thingy! ;)

The AWEsome cake. 

The eldest and the birthday boy.

With the princess-slash-niece. :)

My boys. Seriously. They are incredible. And cute, to boot. ;)

More presents!

More presents! 

The hubs and myself. I wubs him. 

My silly wee one. 

The boys and I completed our 2nd Walk to End Alzheimer's. Such a terrible disease...we pray for a cure and will continue to support this organization and it's mission.

Before the walk...

And on the way home, lol. We *did* have to get up really early. Plus, after the walk, we had a yummy lunch with friends. He was full and sleepy.
I know you probably can't see it here, but around his neck is a purple lanyard. Our friend April (we walk for her mother) gave Braeden the "team captain" lanyard this year. He was SO proud of that. Took me daaaays to get it off of him lol.

Uhhh...what else? Oh! One of my besties and I went to a concert that really felt like it was twenty years in the making! We finally, finally saw Garth Brooks in concert. It was AHmazing! I don't even listen to country music anymore, but it was one of THE best concert experiences I've ever had. I had seen him back in 1997 in Reno with my late sister-in-law, so while it was fun, there was a little twinge of sadness too. It was good to remember her, and that experience I was able to have with her, though. All in all, an excellent memory made with an excellent lady. :)

Katie and Katie. Yes we have the same name. :)

The set.


How's the fitness thing going? Very well, thank you. As of this morning, I am down 38.2 pounds! I have shed two pants sizes and two shirt sizes. TWO SIZES! I still have such a long way to go, but I am so proud of how hard I've worked to get this far. :D

That's a Large T-shirt that I thieved from my kid's closet. For reals. A LARGE! And those are size 14 jeans. YAY!!! I'm not ashamed to put those sizes out I said two sizes down from where I was 5 months ago! 

Ok. I think that's it. At least that's all I've got at this moment. Hope you all have had a fabulous fall, and continue to do so!

Until next time...