About me. And us.

Before I introduce the fam, I just want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to hang out with us for a little while. :)

We are a happy, crazy, homeschooling with Time4Learning, fun, loving, video gaming ... did I mention crazy? ... family. You would never look at us and think you're watching an episode of Leave it to Beaver, but we do have two hardcore family rules. One; mommy and daddy are your parents first, friends second. Two; we eat dinner together every night (unless one is away camping or something). While we may eat breakfast and/or lunch at our respective desks, dinner is done together. Always. Whether we are actually at a table, or all on the couch, it's still done as a family.

More about me:

I'm Katie. I am happily married to my best friend, Walter.  Together we give this thing you earthlings call parenting our best shot. I love my two boys with all my heart and being a good mom is the most important thing in my life. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and living life to it's fullest, or at least trying to. I'm a gadget and tech junkie through and through. Even though most people will say it rots your brain, I'm a huge TV watcher. My DVR and I have a very fulfilling relationship. I'm also an avid reader. Wondering where I find time to read and watch TV? I don't sleep, lol. On the rare occasion that I have spare time, and I'm not stuck in a book or glued to the boob tube, you'll probably find me scrapbooking or card making. Or playing Rockband. In my head, I'm like the next Jimi Hendrix.

Edited January 2016 - thanks to my fitness journey which began in May 2014, I can now add that I am... wait for it... a runner!  I won't win any speed races, but in April of 2015 I ran my first 5K (and didn't die!), and I'm planning on running the Peachtree Road Race (10K) this July (2016). Woot!

More about us:

Walter - The hubs. I am very blessed in that when I say we are best friends, we really are. Every aspect of our family's life, we tackle together. From chores around the house, to homeschooling our boys; it's all shared between us. He works from home, so he's always here when we need him. He has his own office; and yes, he may not come out of it for several hours at a time, but we do get a lot of time together as a family unit and we wouldn't have it any other way. The hubs is most definitely NOT a TV watcher. He sits through a few shows that we watch as a family, but that's it. He likes a good movie. He likes video games. He likes books. And even though he wouldn't readily admit it, he's turned into a gadget junkie himself (if he denies it, just remember to point out that he needed an iPad and an Android tablet). If he finds that he has some spare time, he's writing. He's one of those creative types and has an amazing way with words. He's even a published author. Yes, really!

Bailey - He's my oldest, now 16. He is an amazing young man! He has a really interesting mix of my personality, and his dad's. He has my anxiety, which sucks. But it does make him a little more careful in most situations, lol. He enjoys reading, participating in a variety of 4-H activities, hanging out with friends, watching TV with us, playing video/computer games, listening to an awesomely eclectic mix of music, and cooking. COOKING. Man, this kid can cook. At age 5, he decided he wanted to be a chef when he grew up. He's never wavered in that, and works hard at that every day. In the fall of 2015, he actually started his own business. Square Peg Gastronomy. Right now, he makes and sells his food at local breweries. Why breweries? Honestly, it just happened that way. But we love supporting local, and the locals love supporting one another, so it just works out. He hopes to expand where he sells, and eventually will realize his dream of owning a food truck. Of this, I have NO doubt.

Braeden - The youngest, now 11. He too, is an amazing little guy. When I say Bailey is good mix of both of us, Braeden is all me. ALL me. He can be so sensitive and sweet. He can be very opinionated. He can talk until he literally has to stop mid sentence, take a deep breath and say "oh man, I talk a lot, huh?" Then he starts right back, lol. He loves watching TV with me, anything from Doctor Who to Gilmore Girls. He's just now starting to really read, but I'm hoping that it ends up being something he enjoys doing. He's just like his brother in that he could live, eat and sleep at the computer. Most of the time he has no idea that he is five years younger than Bailey, so at any given time I feel like I have two 16 year-olds. Or two 11 year-olds. And on occasion, two 2 year olds. :D

So that's a little about the "Me" and the "Us" in my blog title. But there's a "you" that needs a little more information. Please comment on any post throughout the blog and tell us about yourself, or link to your blog bio. :)