Sunday, February 1, 2015

February. What the what?!

I lost January. Lost it. Completely. My calendar is telling me it's February, so one can naturally assume that January happened. But I don't know when. Ugh.

Tax time is in full swing right now. Why am I still torturing myself with tax time? Cause I'm a sucker. Plain and simple. Every April, I'm all badass and "I'm not doing this again!" Then every November, "sure, I'll do it again." :/

Boys are doing well. Really staying on top of their school stuffs while I'm at work. The last couple of weeks, Bailey has really realized how different homeschooling high school is compared to years past. I know he's in 10th grade, and he was in high school last year, but the courses this year are just more involved, more thorough and more time consuming. He's spending more and more time working through it all. But he's handling it like a trooper.

Braeden is also struggling with the 5th grade curriculum stuff lately. Not of all it. Mostly with the science. Weird, right? You just knew I was going to say he's having a hard time with math, didn't you? Lol. He's handling it okay most of the time, but we have definitely had to have the whole "if you think it's easier in public school and you wanna try that, just let me know" speech. He never does tell me he wants to give that a whirl. Shocker.

Not really anything else to report. Like I time brain fog. Oh! Our Moose had his first heartworm treatment injection on Dec 31, and did just fine with that. He had second and third (and hopefully final) injections this past week. With the exception of him being more sleepy, and the constant drinking/urinating thing (prednisone side effect), I don't know that we would know he's been going through this whole thing. :)

In my lap, with one of our other doggies, Lola. 

Making himself comfy ON Braeden, lol.
While I wish I had a huge fitness update to share, I don't really. It's been a struggle to have extra exercise time before or after being at the tax office. I am getting in some treadmill time a few days a week and I am doing a really good job at keeping up with my calorie intake, so that's something. I did have a ridiculously happy moment when I had to buy some new pants for the office. This time last year, I was wearing 18s and 20s. Two weeks ago I bought 12s. TWELVES!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been in a 12 since before Bailey came to be. :D

I'm such a goober. Even though I was buying these pants, and I was taking them home, and I had every intention of wearing them in public, I *still* took a photo of the 12s on me in the dressing room as proof. Heh. Goober. :)
That's about it for now. I hope everyone's 2015 has started off splendidly! Until next time...