Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Trip and a Birthday

So far, April has been a big month! The first week I was so super fortunate to be able to spend the entire week at my corporate offices in Ft. Lauderdale. I work from home, but I genuinely love my co-workers, so being able to spend so much time in the office with them was amazing. It was both productive AND fun. ;) 

This was only the 2nd time I've been able to take a trip by plane. The last time I flew (which was last year to Ft. Lauderdale, lol), I sat in the middle. I didn't mind that because I was glad to be sandwiched in between two people (one of whom was my friend and boss-at-the-time) for that very first take off and landing. Eased my nerves a teeny bit. 

For this trip though, I had a window seat! That made me a little anxious on take off, just watching the ground get farther and farther away, but once we were up, it was fabulous! I loved the views and just being able to appreciate how lovely everything is. 

On the way down to FL--

On the way back to the ATL --

I will say it a thousand times, but I LOVE the people at Time4Learning. I've been lucky enough to work for them for almost 6 years. Even luckier to have been using their curriculum in our homeschool for almost 10 years! Good peoples. :) 

Moving on...

Yesterday was my birthday! I'm like a child. I love telling people it's my birthday and I love getting birthday wishes. Every year, lots of thanks are given that I made it to another one. :D 

There wasn't any big party plans (which I'm okay with), but we did get to spend the day with a great group of people. Coincidentally, yesterday was Dragon Con's annual volunteer appreciation day, and it was held at Stone Mountain. Food, hiking up the mountain, and hanging with friends. All capped off with reserved seating for the Laser Show. Fun stuff! 

We hiked to the top of Stone Mountain...this incredible was totally worth it!
Family photo at the top. :)
Our seats for the Laser Show.
How cool is it that they threw the DC logo on the mountain at the start of the show?!

We are leaving tomorrow for our annual beach trip with our friends. Two weeks in the sun and sand. It don't suck. ;) 

Boys mostly have a pass on school since there is no wifi at our beach house. The hubs and I use our phones for hot spots to work, but I don't want to use the data on school, so they will do some printable worksheets (yep, even at Bailey's age/grade I can find worksheets that are at grade level appropriate) and they will do some hands on stuff (experiments, field trips, etc). 

That's about it for now. I have to pack. PACK. Ugh. I super suck at that. Inevitably, we have to buy something that I left behind every. single. year. 

Leaving you with this awesome birthday gift that Braeden drew for me. A unicorn that's farting rainbows. Yeah, he's definitely mine. :D