Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall is my favorite.

Yep. That's me! When I was younger, I always liked spring. It was so nice when it would start to get warmer, and everything would bloom.

Then I found out I was allergic to everything that bloomed, lol. And in GA, "starts to get warmer" means the temps go from 65 to 95, in what feels like one day. Wasn't bad when you're a wee kiddie. But as I got older, I did a 180 and realized that what I really looked forward to, was fall.

This fall is super exciting so far. My oldest's food business is doing really well, thanks in large part to working with an amazing local charity. This past Saturday, he made his first trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains for a Bulldogs Battling Breast Cancer event. It was held at Grumpy Old Men Brewing, which was a terrific little place with a great crowd!

Playing with the dry erase markers is really the only contribution I can make, lol. 

My 3 most favorite humans in the history of ever, working together. :) 

When we wasn't helping his brother, the wee one enjoyed keeping me entertained. :D
Coming up this Saturday we've got another BBBC event, but we're staying closer to home. We'll be hanging at our favorite local brewery, The Southern Brewing Company. Good times.

What else is happening this fall? Mostly, I'm running. Gonna feel a little like Forrest Gump, me thinks. On Sunday, I'm running the PNC 10 Miler.

Yeah. That's 10 miles. MILES. What the heck am I thinking?!

That's not even the craziest thing I'm doing. Provided I don't die during the 10 miler (kidding, not kidding, lol), Thanksgiving Day will find me running the Atlanta Half Marathon.

Whaaaaaaat?!?! ;)

The boys have a good bit of 4H stuff over the next few weeks. Braeden will have his first Junior weekend overnight thingy, which he's excited about. They both are doing DPAs and have to have their portfolios completed by the beginning of December. I suck at this, but thankfully their 4H coordinator is awesome and works her butt off for all of the 4Hers. Even with all of her effort, it still takes us weeks to get everything together, so that will be a concentrated effort until those portfolios are turned in.

That's about it for now. I need to go put away laundry. Thankfully, I can do that to music. In what I can only describe as "Braeden's way," Braeden has gotten me hooked on a supahfun new satellite radio station. Caliente (which is described as Tropical Latin Music Hits). He has loved his online Spanish language course, and found that station hoping to listen for and recognize words he's learned. He cracks me up. But I will say that the station is terrific. I love to dance, and Latin music = dancing. Your body almost can't help itself. Moves without thinking. ;)

Okey dokey. Leaving you with this, because as much as I love pumpkin, there's something else that I like so much, I feel it in my soul.

Minter. :)