Saturday, June 13, 2015

I'm still here...

I know it doesn't seem like it. Who knew three months could fly by and get lost? LOST I tell you. :/

Finishing up the tax thing and some new responsibilities at my other all-year job, coupled with already poor time management skills...well, obviously that results in a lack of blog updates. I sowwy.

Since I saw you last, spring has come and gone. Doesn't hang around long in GA, as we tend to get springsummer, with a quick summersummer follow up. After I wrapped up things at the tax office, we made our annual pilgrimage to Florida with the B's and the H's. It was an excellent time, as always, but there was a little something different about this trip. What was it?

I was 70 pounds lighter than a year ago and I ran my very first 5K with Tracy and Jen!!!!!!! I was so proud of myself, and all of us, for what we have accomplished to get to that point. My guys were there to send me off with hugs and support (they knew I would finish, even if I didn't know that), and they were there when I crossed the finish. The fact that we ran it in Fl, the place where this whole journey began for me a year ago, made it all the more sweeter.

Before the race. Tracy had these awesome shirts made for us! :)

During the race. Yes, I realize I look like I'm dying. But I didn't, so yaaaaay. ;)
After we all finished!!!!! :D

Speaking of the whole getting healthy journey...

Going against every part of my brain that wanted to so NOT post this picture, when we returned from vacay, I shared my before and after photo on the friendface. When I took the "before" photo, I honestly never expected that I would make the progress that I made. So, I honestly never expected to show it to anyone. On one hand, I hate looking at it. On the other hand, I love seeing how far I've come. And lemme spirit animal is a sloth and I think doughnuts should be a food group at the top of the food if I can do this, anyone can. :D

I forgot to save my old shorts, but that is the same shirt. 

Hmmm. What else?

Just yesterday I picked the boys up from their first ever 4-H summer camp. Spent a week at Tybee, lucky little boogers. While Bailey has done a scout camp thing once before, Braeden has never been away for so long. But when I picked them up, they said they had an ah-MAY-zing time, and it was the best week of their life. Haha. It's been 24 hours and Braeden is still singing camp songs. He wants to make sure that I know every word to every song he learned.

Every. Song.

There really wasn't a way for them to take pictures, but their wonderful 4-H coordinator sent me these two:

Bailey "singing" to snails...if you hum, it somehow mimics waves/water and makes the snails come out of their shells.
Braeden and his "marsh mud facial". 

Those that have hung out here a while know that we homeschool year-round, and that is still working for us. Right now we are in our "school-lite" mode for summer. Even though we follow a much lighter summer learning schedule (much lighter), Braeden is working hard at finishing up his 5th grade homeschool program, while Bailey is just about done with his 10th grade courses.

Whoa. That was hard to type. Where in the heck has the time gone?! I remember when Bailey was a wee lad and Braeden was a smushy little dude. What? They were! See? ;)

The day we took Braeden home from the hospital. He was a day old, Bailey had turned 5 three days prior...

I guess that's it. We took the boys to see Jurassic World today (it was okay, yay Chris Pratt, lol) and we are unplugging for a little while to head outside, cook on the fire, and play some card games without the distraction of our gadgets. Shocking, yes?

Until next time...