Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to School (and Dragon Con!)

Every year we start after Labor Day...because Dragon Con. Who wants to try and start school before such a fun activity, right?

Weeeellllll. The flip side of not starting before DC, is having to start after DC. We are tired. Exhausted even. We're still excited and talking about what we saw, who we met and what we bought. So getting back to school and into our routine, right this second, is slow going.

Oh well. Homeschooling = flexibility. ;)

I am actually at a homeschool conference this weekend. The inaugural National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers conference. It's really cool. I know that we have our core...Bailey is taking English II, Geometry, US History II and two sciences this year, Physical Science and Earth/Space Science. These will be through T4L. Braeden is using their fifth grade homeschool curriculum too. Buuuut...I'm always on the lookout for supplements and extras. So walking around a vendor hall chock full of secular resources is super exciting. :)

That's really all I've got. Still recovering from one convention, while attending another conference, is tough. Imma look around, take a nap, then look some more, lol.

Leaving you with some pretty pictures from our Dragon Con experience. :)