Monday, March 2, 2015

Oh, Spring. Where are you?

It's March. That means I'm looking for spring. Really looking. Searching desperately. :/

I like the cold. At least for the most part. I don't mind snow (as long as it doesn't affect power and there is no ice!). I love bundling up with blankets and hoodies.

But I'm really missing the sunshine right about now. I don't see much sunshine (or anything else) from my desk at the tax office. The tax thing is slowing down, but it's not over. I  need it to be over. I'm also missing my outside walks/jogs. I am ridiculously grateful for my treadmill because it's helped me keep my momentum, but I am soooooo bored with it, lol. I want to see the trees. And the cows. And the donkeys. And the chickens. :)

So what's been up with us? School has been going along. I won't say swimmingly or anything, but well enough. Both of the boys have struggled with some of their courses. But I think that's a good thing honestly. They have basically sailed along all these years and it's good for them to come across lessons/activities that they have to retake, or really focus/concentrate on. They did have an opportunity to break up the online learning last month. February was #FreebieFebruary, so the interwebs were awash with free educational resources. I found some free printable science worksheets, some free United States printables and a crap-ton of other free worksheets/crosswords. Free is always good.  :D

As for what else we've been up to, I'll show you...

We replaced our kitchen island. Sorry about the background mess.

We had what could have been some beautiful snow, but instead was messy/nasty/power outage causing ice. Bleh.

I got new glasses! Not incredibly noteworthy, but I went with a style that is really out of my norm. Love them so far.

The boys I tried Korean BBQ for the first time. Not only was it a great time with friends, it was really good noms.

Braeden has his first 4-H Cloverleaf DPA competition at Rock Eagle. Bailey was there as a teen leader...they both had a really good time!

Our group, having some fun together.

The rock eagle. 

Working on his project. Healthy and fun fruit kabobs!

Displaying for the judges and tasters.
So how did he do? My baby won 2nd place! I was so proud of him, but more importantly, he was SO proud himself!

Well. That's about it for now. This month, Bailey has his Senior 4-H DPA, he's in a play with his drama class and hopefully, we'll see some of that spring I've been looking for. ;) 

Until next time...