Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dragon Con Countdown!

This is one of the most exciting, and stressful, weekends we have ALL year! Why? Because it's the last weekend before we head to the ATL for Dragon Con! We are sorting through our packing lists, finalizing costumes and getting ready.

Our biggest "getting ready" item is hair dying, lol. It takes a lot to bleach and color three heads! The hubs doesn't really do the hair color thing. Pahty poopah.

Here are the three bleached heads:

And here are the color results:

Aren't they fun?!

We will leave Wednesday afternoon. Even though the con doesn't start until Friday, my staffing position starts Thursday morning.

Trying to weed down our autograph list is proving to be tough. There are a ton of great guests this year! I hate that they all cost so much money (both of the boys are math visual learners so we are actually taking the cash out of their wallets and dwindling it down with each autograph so they can SEE just how much money each one is). Some of the ones we are reaaaally looking forward to:

Jamie Hyneman (they met Adam Savage in 2010!)

Amy Acker - Fred from Angel

Edward James Olmos - Admiral Adama. So say we all.

James Marsters - Spike from Buffy...I met him a few years ago (Sigh), but since last DC, the boys watched all 7 seasons of Buffy with me, so they would like to meet him

Jim Butcher - author of the Dresden books

Silas Weir Mitchell - Monroe from Grimm

Eddie McClintock - Pete from Warehouse 13

Kris Holden-Ried - Dyson from Lost Girl. This is alllll me. He's so pretty.

There are more, but those are the ones I can remember without having to pull out lists, lol.

Needless to say, there won't be any school stuffs this week. In between crazy packing, both boys have soccer practice on Monday and Tuesday. I will double check the state homeschool requirements (don't wanna miss any new laws/changes), and submit my Declaration of Intent. That has to be in by 9/1. But beyond that? Naaah.

Ok. Fingers crossed we remember everything we need to bring. I will try to post some pics throughout the weekend. If nothing else, my next post will have photos and highlights.

Happy Dragon Con week, errbody! :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Everyone is All Back-To-School...

...and I'm over here trying to teach my 14 year old son how to walk in high heels.

No, that doesn't sound weird to me. ;)

He has really decided to step out of his comfort zone for his DragonCon costume this year, lol. He's really into the Hunger Games, and wanted to do something different that Peeta or Gale or Finnick. So, he chose Effie! We are both looking forward to seeing how the costume comes together and how much fun he will have with it.

The wee one is going as Rainbow Dash. But no, he's not a pony. He's a Brony. Yes, really. Go look it up.

Yep. The DragonCon anticipation is getting thicker and thicker!

Moving on...

This past weekend we had yet another birthday celebration. Not for the boys, but for my niece. Otherwise known as "the cutest 2 year old EVAH." We really enjoyed spending the day with her and her parents (who I love dearly, in a ridiculous way!), and I'm glad M enjoyed her gifts from us.

Sweet M, getting ready to open one of our gifts.

Mommy putting on her new shoes, the ones that Aunt Katie just had to make sure she had...

Sweet M, rocking those new shoes. And btw, can I just say that I love, LOVE the whole ensemble here! High top, sequined converse-ish sneakers, tights and a dress. That's my girl!! :D

The boys also picked out a cute little fairy princess castle for her to play with. But I suck and only got pictures of the shoes. At least I prioritized correctly. :/

Since we aren't full on into our school year yet, the boys were sporadic with stuff last week. They worked on some spelling, did some reading, and played some online games. Shocker, lol. They discovered some 2 player games that they could do together, and Braeden played some third grade games (I read on another homeschool blog that it had been recommended to sometimes let wee ones play games and work on a few things in a grade lower than their current grade level because it's good reinforcement and promotes confidence. Cool, huh?!) Bailey didn't play as much as he read, but he's really trying to get through the current series he's reading before heading to con.

This week Bailey has his first Master's day of the year. He's taking a two hour drawing and painting class, and he's taking a One Acts class. Very excited about both! Braeden will start back to Master's the first week of September. Other than that, we have no hardcore plans, so we'll see where the week takes us. :)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

More Birthday Fun!

Because our families live a couple of hours from us, we generally have two birthday celebrations for the boys. Last weekend was the one with my family and the hubs' family. This weekend was the one with our local peoples. ;) We took the boys bowling with their friends, and followed that up with a yummy dinner at Steak N' Shake.

My birthday boys! 

Their eclectic choices for today...Star Wars cupcakes (both chocolate and yellow cake ones), pirate plates and TMNT napkins. They crack me up, lol...


Bowling fun! :D
We are so lucky, and so grateful for the friends we have in our lives! It was a great way to spend our Saturday. :)

This week we have soccer drafts and student/parent orientation at Master's. We also have some gift buying and a birthday party for a special 2 year old princess to go to. As far as school goes, we are still unofficial. I'm sure I will have to boys do some minor things...a few lessons in T4L and they can hang out over at SpellingCity to work on their spelling. Some of the games are also a great way to build vocabulary, and they can even do a vocabulary test online. I always focus so much on the spelling, but a strong vocabulary is important, especially with Bailey now entering high school.

Funny. I still here that dramatic "dun dun dunnn" when I say the words high school. :/

Anyway. Off here to reflect on the awesomesauce that covered my day. One last shout out of thanks to those that helped my boys celebrate their birthdays!

Happy birthday, Bailey and Braeden! You guys are my heart, my light. I love you so much!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Early Birthday Celebrations and Homeschooling High School

This past weekend we went down so my parents and my in-laws could celebrate the boys' birthdays. We also celebrated my dad's birthday, and my niece Noel's. We had a fun weekend, and the boys were really glad to see everyone. Not to mention, they got some great swag. ;) 

Because my soon-to-be 9 year old can never have too many super hero capes!
Lots of kitchen and cooking stuffs! The perfect gifts for my aspiring chef! 

This week we will be participating in the first of our monthly nature science fun days. There is a local nature science center that has a homeschooling program we joined. The open house last week was very interesting for the boys, so we are looking forward to seeing how this first meeting/class goes. 

We are also getting our toes wet with school work for the new year. We don't technically start until after Labor Day, but Bailey really wanted to start on his new high school homeschool curriculum. No, not kidding. Still excited about this, lol. He took a peek at the course lesson plans a couple of weeks ago when they made the announcement, but he really wants to see how hard they are and how different they are than what he's used to. I'm excited for him, even if he is going to have to spend some time tutoring me on what he's learning (especially in the sciences), lol. 

Braeden has taken a look at the 4th grade material, but not surprisingly hasn't asked to jump right in. He's excited sure, but apparently not excited enough to volunteer to log on any time soon. :/

Now I have to go to the grocery store. This does not please me. But, hopefully it will be quick and painless. :) Have a great week!