Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dragon Con Countdown!

This is one of the most exciting, and stressful, weekends we have ALL year! Why? Because it's the last weekend before we head to the ATL for Dragon Con! We are sorting through our packing lists, finalizing costumes and getting ready.

Our biggest "getting ready" item is hair dying, lol. It takes a lot to bleach and color three heads! The hubs doesn't really do the hair color thing. Pahty poopah.

Here are the three bleached heads:

And here are the color results:

Aren't they fun?!

We will leave Wednesday afternoon. Even though the con doesn't start until Friday, my staffing position starts Thursday morning.

Trying to weed down our autograph list is proving to be tough. There are a ton of great guests this year! I hate that they all cost so much money (both of the boys are math visual learners so we are actually taking the cash out of their wallets and dwindling it down with each autograph so they can SEE just how much money each one is). Some of the ones we are reaaaally looking forward to:

Jamie Hyneman (they met Adam Savage in 2010!)

Amy Acker - Fred from Angel

Edward James Olmos - Admiral Adama. So say we all.

James Marsters - Spike from Buffy...I met him a few years ago (Sigh), but since last DC, the boys watched all 7 seasons of Buffy with me, so they would like to meet him

Jim Butcher - author of the Dresden books

Silas Weir Mitchell - Monroe from Grimm

Eddie McClintock - Pete from Warehouse 13

Kris Holden-Ried - Dyson from Lost Girl. This is alllll me. He's so pretty.

There are more, but those are the ones I can remember without having to pull out lists, lol.

Needless to say, there won't be any school stuffs this week. In between crazy packing, both boys have soccer practice on Monday and Tuesday. I will double check the state homeschool requirements (don't wanna miss any new laws/changes), and submit my Declaration of Intent. That has to be in by 9/1. But beyond that? Naaah.

Ok. Fingers crossed we remember everything we need to bring. I will try to post some pics throughout the weekend. If nothing else, my next post will have photos and highlights.

Happy Dragon Con week, errbody! :)

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