Monday, August 19, 2013

Everyone is All Back-To-School...

...and I'm over here trying to teach my 14 year old son how to walk in high heels.

No, that doesn't sound weird to me. ;)

He has really decided to step out of his comfort zone for his DragonCon costume this year, lol. He's really into the Hunger Games, and wanted to do something different that Peeta or Gale or Finnick. So, he chose Effie! We are both looking forward to seeing how the costume comes together and how much fun he will have with it.

The wee one is going as Rainbow Dash. But no, he's not a pony. He's a Brony. Yes, really. Go look it up.

Yep. The DragonCon anticipation is getting thicker and thicker!

Moving on...

This past weekend we had yet another birthday celebration. Not for the boys, but for my niece. Otherwise known as "the cutest 2 year old EVAH." We really enjoyed spending the day with her and her parents (who I love dearly, in a ridiculous way!), and I'm glad M enjoyed her gifts from us.

Sweet M, getting ready to open one of our gifts.

Mommy putting on her new shoes, the ones that Aunt Katie just had to make sure she had...

Sweet M, rocking those new shoes. And btw, can I just say that I love, LOVE the whole ensemble here! High top, sequined converse-ish sneakers, tights and a dress. That's my girl!! :D

The boys also picked out a cute little fairy princess castle for her to play with. But I suck and only got pictures of the shoes. At least I prioritized correctly. :/

Since we aren't full on into our school year yet, the boys were sporadic with stuff last week. They worked on some spelling, did some reading, and played some online games. Shocker, lol. They discovered some 2 player games that they could do together, and Braeden played some third grade games (I read on another homeschool blog that it had been recommended to sometimes let wee ones play games and work on a few things in a grade lower than their current grade level because it's good reinforcement and promotes confidence. Cool, huh?!) Bailey didn't play as much as he read, but he's really trying to get through the current series he's reading before heading to con.

This week Bailey has his first Master's day of the year. He's taking a two hour drawing and painting class, and he's taking a One Acts class. Very excited about both! Braeden will start back to Master's the first week of September. Other than that, we have no hardcore plans, so we'll see where the week takes us. :)

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