Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bits O' Random

It's that time again. I've got the tax brain. Forming paragraphs is proving difficult. So, bits o' random.

  • Yep, tax brain. My tax season started Friday. Yay for extra money. Boo for actually having to wake up at a decent hour and shower every day. And you to people. Stranger Danger!
  • It's been way too long since I've seen a movie at the theater. Having withdrawels. 
  • The boys got haircuts this week. Why is that blog worthy? They only get them like twice a year, lol. 
    They always look so different after they are sheared. Happy to still see a smidge of blue in the wee one's...
  • Braeden is his own lesson in science and motion. Kid. Never. Slows. Down.
  • You know I mentioned before, that we were watching and enjoying Arrow? Enjoying is an understatement. 32 episodes in 6 days. Aaaaand, I might or might not already be going back through the first season. 
  • I hate laundry. Loathe laundry. How in the hell do four people who work and learn at home, blow through 46 pairs of jeans in a week?!
  • Ok, fine. 46 may have been a slight exaggeration. But still. 
  • The hubs turned 38 on Wednesday. He got a kick out of how we arranged the 3 and the 8 on his cake. 
    Heh. :D
  • We've been doing the highschool homeschool thing since August. I still feel lost. Thank God Bailey doesn't. :/
  • I went clothes shopping for work, and was able to buy pants a size smaller than I was expecting! That hasn't happened in a looong time. 
  • My first Dragon Con 2014 squee? The entire cast of SyFy's Being Human were announced as guests. Squeeeeeeeee!

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