Friday, January 3, 2014

Five Minute Friday

Trying something new here, and getting involved with some of the fun blog meme/link up thingys. So, here is my first attempt. A Five Minute Friday, where I just write about whatever, for five minutes. Technically, there is a prompt word to write about. But I'm trying this all freestyle for my first time. ;)

This time of year is always hectic for me. We are coming off the holidays, and trying to get ready for tax season. Every year, I always say I'm not doing it anymore, and every year, I do it anyway because I want the money, lol. Ah well.

Both of the boys are sick today. They woke up yesterday feeling like crap and running a fever. They woke up the same way today, so I made a doctor appointment for them both. I hate going to the doctor. Grrrr.

Our new year resolution as a family this year, is to reduce our possessions by half. Sounds crazy, but we really need to do this. If we don't, I see an episode of Hoarders being filmed here. We have already made some small steps, and it feels wonderful. We have made rules to help in the future as well. If we buy something, we need to get rid of something. Either trash it or give it away. This goes for everything. Clothes, toys, dishes...everything. Except books and movies, lol. They have an exemption.

Hey...look. I've reached 5 minutes. For someone who is so wordy, this was easier than I thought. :D

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