Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Whew. Glad it came, glad it went. :D

Christmas is always such an exciting time of year, even though it really felt weird this year. I think it's because I spent so much time going back and forth to the hospital with my dad all month, and we ended up sick for several days prior to Christmas Day. The sicklies are still hanging out, but we are functioning, lol.

Our week has been great, even if it has flown by. I took care of some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve (Even did some learnin' while I was out...did you know that poinsettias could be a little poisonous to doggies? I do now, thanks to my plant lesson at the store, lol.), and we spent a great evening with family.

The hubs, the boys and I hung out with my grandmother and my aunt. We baked cookies for Santa and watched It's a Wonderful Life.

How cute are these little guys?! :)
The creative process...
Santa LOVED them. ;)
Getting the boys into bed that night was as difficult as it is every year, but we had such a good evening together. Christmas morning, we all bounded out of bed (even me!), the hubs read the birth passages in the Bible (annual tradition that the hubs has carried over from his own Christmases with his family) and we headed to the family room to open gifts to/from one another, and see if Santa left any goodies...

Santa brought roller skates, a dart board some stocking stuffers. 
I love this photo, and the expression of joy on my eldest's face, lol! What would elicite such a reaction? That would be the swanky new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets they received from the hubs and I. We were so excited that it worked out we could get them these...they have had an iPad for a couple of years, but they were hand me downs, that we passed to them when we upgraded. They had been looking at different tablets and decided they really wanted to try something different, and they fell in love with these. LOVE this photo. They were so excited about them, they didn't even balk when I told them I had a list of educational games and apps I wanted them to download. ;)

The hubs and I got a couple of really cool gifts from each other and the boys...

Two new books by Michael J. Sullivan.
He's been wanting a Pea Coat for a while, we were stoked that we found him one!
A pink wagon for hauling around all of my scrapbooking stuff!
These. Are. Awesome. I love My Little Pony, and I have a twisted sense of humor. Discovered this awesome artist at Dragon Con several years ago...she also has a twisted sense of humor, lol. These are from her My Little Demon line.
After our gifts, we went back to Nanny's for a lovely lunch, then spent the evening with friends having an amazing pizza dinner. New tradition! ;) 

This post is quite long enough. I will post pictures and talk about the pizza evening in my next post. Since we are heading down to my parents and my in-laws this weekend for even more Christmas celebrations, I will also include that fun in my next post. 

Hope you all had a fabulous holiday! Until next time...

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