Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Food Coma...

We all get one during the Thanksgiving holidays don't we, lol? I ate and ate and ate, and loved every minute of it.

Hope you all had a great holiday with your loved ones!

The week went by very quickly, thanks to a couple of days at the tax office, then holiday festivities and shopping. I didn't do the Black Friday thing like I normally do, but I did end up hitting ONE store about 4pm Friday afternooon. It was awesome. The crowds had dissipated, and there were still good deals left.

Of course, the whole one store thing seems less impressive when I tell you that I spent all freaking week glued to Amazon's Black Friday week sales and Best Buy's pre-Black Friday events. :D

This upcoming week is going to be crazy again, but hopefully it will go well. The boys and I are going to their Minecraft club tomorrow, then leaving straight from there to head to my parents because my dad is having back surgery on Tuesday (any prayers, happy thoughts, good juju you want to send his way, I would appreciate). We are planning on staying Tuesday night, then going straight from my parents to our nature science program on Wednesday. All of these things are a couple of hours of drive time each way. Thursday is the last Master's class of this year (they return after the new year), and a Christmas parade in town that evening. Or maybe skating. They haven't decided yet. Friday, the boys have park day, followed by a fun 4H activity: decorating the local senior center for the holidays!

Whew. I'm exhausted just from typing all of that...much less doing all of that.

School will come in spurts of available time, but we usually plan on this time of year being lighter than normal anyway, so that's good. The boys, as always, stick with spelling and reading. I might be able to get them to play some holiday specific puzzle games and work on holiday unit studies or printable worksheets. We celebrate Christmas, but we all enjoy learning about different winter/holiday celebrations. :)

For now, I'm going to go put up a Christmas tree! We turn on the Christmas music, throw on our Santa hats and make an all afternoon event of it. Love!

Until next time.

I always get nostalgic and reminiscent during the holidays. I'm going to leave you with a coupla photos from six (SIX!!!) Christmases ago! Geez, they grow up too darn fast...

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