Sunday, December 15, 2013

So many things... little time!

Really. Where the heck is the month going? Where the heck has the year gone for that matter?

Every time I turn around, another week has passed. I still have some shopping to do, a family dinner to plan and hopefully, some surgeries to get through.

Not surgery for me, but for my dad. I mentioned last week that my dad needed more back surgery and that he was being transferred to a new hospital and to a new surgeon/team. Well he was finally transferred and was scheduled for surgery this past Friday, but it didn't go on as planned. Along with his ortho surgeon, there has to be a vascular surgeon for the sugery too, and he got caught up in another surgery. So, we are shooting for next week. Tomorrow, actually. Fingers crossed...

I worked Monday and Tuesday last week, and spent all day Wednesday shopping with the boys. They had gifts to buy for their cousins and some friends, and while we were exhausted by the time we got home, we had a great day together!

Friday, I went to the hospital to hang with my parents. Even though the surgery didn't happen, I enjoyed the extra visit time with them. The boys and I had planned to go to their Christmas party at our new homeschool group, but since I couldn't go, Tracy (thankyouthankyouthankyou, Tracy!) made sure to swing by and grab my boys so they wouldn't miss the fun. There were games, food, crafts...they told me they had a great time!

One of the activities that Braeden's age group did...they had to make a Christmas tree cup stack in 13 seconds or less. :)
One of the games the teen group that Bailey's in did...they had to get a gingerbread man from their forehead into their mouths, without using their hands or anything. Haha. Thanks so much to Tracy for sending me a couple shots of their fun!

This week, there are several things on our schedules. I will be heading to the hospital again tomorrow, maybe even on Tuesday as well, to be with my dad. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we have doctor appointments, work meetings and 4H activities (a Christmas party for the kids, and then a party at a local senior center that the 4H group is working) to get to. Then, hopefully, the weekend will see our Christmas celebrations with my family and my in-laws.

School-lite will still be in effect. Bailey is going to check out some homeschool book reviews to see if there is anything he wants to put on his reading list. Braeden is 70 pages away from finishing Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone! This is HUUUUUGE for him!!! Not only is it the first real novel for him, his brother hasn't even read the series yet (he wants to, but loves the movies and is afraid if he reads the books, he won't like the movies anymore, lol...told him that probably wouldn't happen, but we'll see...). So for the first time, Braeden feels like he has something special to talk with his dad and I about, kinda like "one-uping" big brother. ;)

If I can get them to, they will also play some vocabulary games. I want Braeden to work on contractions, and the same site that he will do that on, has SAT word games so Bailey can practice high school vocabulary. Usually they don't rebel against online games, but they've been just as busy as I have it seems, so I'm not sure how hard I'll push if they do. If they don't work on these things this week, they can always tackle them when they pick up their normal-ish schedule after the holidays.

Okey doke. I'm off for now. Heading out to do more shopping I think. Hope everyone has a great week!

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