Saturday, February 1, 2014


If you live in the north, I'm sure you mock us southerners when it snows. In these here parts, we don't see much of the stuff. The stores run out of bread and milk ( a snow storm, you're going to make soggy bread/milk sandwiches?), the state shuts down and the interstates and roadways become death traps. :/

You have no doubt seen the news coverage of what I labeled "snowmageddon" this week. When it started snowing Tuesday, all of the schools and businesses collectively closed at the same time. What happened next?


People were driving for 4, 5, 7...even 12 hours to get home (a normal commute, mind you). People slept in cars, kids were stranded overnight in was just insane. Fortunately, the area we are in got hit less with MUCH less snow and ice compared to other parts of Atlanta and the surrounding areas. I made it home from the office, and the hubs and the boys were safely at home to begin with.

And we had plenty of bread and milk.

Crisis averted for us. :)

The boys had fun playing in the snow that we did get. Snowball fights, mostly. 'Cause that's what boys do, I was told.

Mother Nature still hasn't made up her mind about what season she wants us to feel like we're in. According to the boys, she's the one that needs a weather lesson, not them, lol.  Today was nice, and tomorrow the high is supposed to be 65! It's no wonder my sinuses are in a nasty state of rebellion.

I have what I call the tax brain now. It hurts. So I'm logging off to get some sleep and to look forward to my one day off tomorrow with my guys. I'm leaving you with a shameless (SHAMELESS!) plug for one of the homeschool resources we use. Science4Us is an online, interactive program that teaches science for elementary school aged kiddos. Interested in seeing what they offer? Go here:


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