Saturday, February 15, 2014

More Snow!

Seriously...we only get snow about once every three/four years. To get a second winter blast of snow here is highly unusual, but it happened this past week. Snowmageddon, part deux. :D

It was forecasted to roll in on Tuesday, and after the fiasco from a couple of weeks ago, the officials took it seriously and took preemptive measures. Schools were closed BEFORE the snow moved in. Businesses and government offices were closed early. And grocery stores ran out of milk and bread.

Always cracks me up. Milk and bread. MILK AND BREAD! Not me. Whenever the threat of nasty weather moves in, I make sure we have enough ice cream and wine. It's all about priorities... ;)

Anyhoo. I enjoyed the extra couple of days with the boys. They had fun. Snowmen, snow angels and lots and lots and lots of laundry. Lol. Every time they went out and came in to dry out, they changed clothes. But it's all worth it, to see them have SO much fun, with something that we don't get to see too often.

The great thing about homeschooling, is we can take some time to go play in the snow, then we can take breaks and get in some schoolin'. The boys have really been working on their handwriting, doing copy work from the books they are reading. Sounds mundane, and it is, but it's necessary.

This upcoming week should hopefully go smoothly. I am finally cutting back my hours at the tax office, and may even see a day off on Thursday to do my Athens thing with the boys. That would be great! Bailey has a costume fitting for his Master's play on Tuesday morning, and only has a few more weeks to get ready for his 4-H DPA.

Braeden is on his third Harry Potter book. Yep, third! We are so proud of him! He's plugging right along, and it just proves that whole "it's not that they can't read, it's just that they are reading the wrong books" thing. :) He is getting better with staying focused on his school when he's working as well, even though I find him going back through past things like the kindergarten science curriculum, rather than his current 4th grade science, lol.

Tonight, I'm enjoying a movie night with my guys (Catching Fire and Percy Jackson!). Tomorrow we have a birthday party we are so looking forward to attending, then back home for a little more down time. And laundry. Always. With. The. Laundry. *sigh

Hope everyone has a great week!


Joy C said...

"ice cream and wine" LOVE IT! Mine would be cheese and wine although I didn't stock up on either one! ;)Love the pictures of your fun week. :)

Katie Shuler said...

Thanks, Joy! :D