Sunday, February 9, 2014

Six More Weeks of Winter...

Image credit: Washington Post - Groundhog Day 2014

That's what Punxsutawney Phil told us. I actually don't mind winter, but I really would like Mother Nature to make up her mind. After we had the snowmageddon last week, we enjoyed almost spring like temps over the following few days. This week has been back and forth, between warmer and colder, and now the forecast is calling for more snow/ice this upcoming week. Sheesh. 

With the whole groundhog day thing, the boys enjoyed learning more about the history of the day, as well as learning more about groundhogs. Of course, they both have my superpower (distraction), so googling "facts about groundhogs" led to googling a more general "facts about animals." Which then led to a gazillion texts (I was at work) of them sharing all of those neat little facts with me. :) 

This week was my worst longest at the tax office, and I ended up with 60 hours. I'm exhausted and honestly...have no plans whatsoever for this week. Bad homeschooling mama, I know. The boys each have projects they are working on, outside of their school stuff. Bailey is practicing his 4-H DPA project (a healthy sesame chicken with broccoli over jasmine rice) and both he and Braeden are working on making some claymation videos. Fun! 

It's a good thing that our homeschool is so flexible, and that we all appreciate and enjoy the online resources/programs that we rely on. 

Hope you all have a great week!

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Jackie P said...

Hi Katie,

I feel your tax pain! I wasn't up to doing taxes this year and frankly, I DON'T miss it. :)

We aren't supposed to get as much snow and ice as you guys, but it's still not going to be fun because nobody around here knows how to get around in that kind of weather. I grew up with lots of snow and ice so it's not such a big deal to me, but my daughter keeps her fingers crossed each time they predict snowy weather. Silly girl.

Bet you and the guys can impress folks as you throw out a little groundhog trivia here and there.

Stay warm and safe!


Katie Shuler said...

Thanks for the comment, Jackie! :)

I love the snow, as long as I can stay in and we keep our power. So far so good! :)

Nicole McGhee said...

Well, we also got The Snow and with Dad home for most of the week, the boys were not about to do anything school related. How can it be a school day if Dad's home? :) I hope your coming weeks of tax prep aren't so stressful, but I have a feeling it might get worse before it gets better. :)

Katie Shuler said...

Thanks, Nicole! We got even more snow this week, but we totally took a snow day. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the extra time with Dad!