Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just stuff...

Yesterday Braeden had his end of the year soccer party.  He had a good time eating pizza and cake with his teammates, and getting his trophy.  He loves trophies, lol... but I guess everyone does. :) While Braeden is sad that this season is over, Walter and I are giddy.  Sure, we love watching him play.  But it's nice to know that our schedules are winding down.

Bailey's last regular season game was yesterday as well, but his age group has a championship tournament at the end of the season and their first elimination game is Tuesday.  Depending on how that goes, we may have another week or so of soccer, but after that we are through until Spring!

School is still going well. We are in the process of kinda restructuring our day...not really sure how things are going to pan out, but hopefully we will all get settled into a better routine.  We have a very relaxed approach to homeschooling (meaning we don't replicate "school at home" with desks and set times for starting and finishing, etc).  That has been working really well for us.  It's not not working anymore, we are just seeing areas where I think the boys, especially the oldest, are taking the "relaxed" thing a little too seriously, lol.

Our curriculum for homeschooling is still suiting us; I don't see that changing for a while.  But we are adding some workbooks this year for the first time in several years.  They are more just for reiteration and practice, but it's changing up their routine of sitting in front of the computer for the majority of the day.  In addition to the workbooks, we are adding book reports for Bailey.  I know, we probably should have done this sooner.  But better late than never I suppose.  Since he is reading longer books now, we are going to make him do 2 shorter book reports on each book.  One for the first half and then one for the second half.  Don't know if that will work, but we will see. I'm also not sure how many book reports we are going to require him to do this year.  I would like him to enjoy reading and telling us about what he's read, rather than read because he HAS to...

With the addition of the book reports, we are realizing that we haven't really expected a lot from Bailey as far as writing projects go.  We are considering adding some writing classes to his schedule.  There is an expense involved for those writing classes (albeit not a large one), so we are going to see when we can make that work.  We may have to wait until after Christmas and I start the tax thing (that extra money is always handy), but I feel pretty confident that those will happen before the end of his school year.

That's about it for now.  Even with the soccer seasons coming to a close, we have a full schedule.  Scouts will gladly fill up any holes that soccer left behind, lol.  Oh...and this week I have jury duty!  I didn't even try to get out of it!  The mature responsible adult in me (yeah, she doesn't make an appearance very often at all) wants to see if they pick me and see what kind of case I get assigned to. The other, much more prevalent adolescent in me, wants to see what kind of ridiculous answers I can come up with to all those questions they are going to ask me. :D

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