Saturday, October 9, 2010

Favorite Subjects

You know those kids that say they don't have a favorite subject; that they they like all of the subjects in school?

My boys are not those kids.

They both understand the importance of language arts, literature, grammar, etc.  They enjoy reading, or in Braeden's case right now, being read to.  Bailey doesn't like math at all most days.  Braeden doesn't really have an opinion about math yet...he's still in the "everything you can add and subtract is counted on your hands" phase of math.  His stance might change once he progresses past his 10 little fingers.

History and social studies are areas that Bailey is showing a real interest in.  Fortunately, the hubs is like a walking history book, especially with certain eras.  He can pop off with some of the most obscure tidbits of information and knowledge.  It's impressive.  Especially impressive considering my retention is limited to what gadget is going to hit the market next, where the best shoe sale is going on and what's coming up next on Glee. Learning about specific people, like Ben Franklin and Alexander Graham Bell, appeals to the boys.  But that's no surprise given the fact that we are all gadget junkies.  :)

If asked their favorite subject, I know that both of the boys would say science.  Well, Braeden would probably first ask if Wii was a subject.  But once that's cleared up, he'd say science, lol.  We all love doing fun experiments, some we even do repeatedly.  Like the Diet Coke and Mentos one...that one doesn't ever get old.  Some of our favorite things to watch on TV are the shows "How It's Made" and "Mythbusters."  (Let's not forget that super cool moment where they met Adam Savage this year!)

Do I wish that my kids professed a deep love for all things school?  Nah.  I'm good with who they are and what they like.  Walter hated most aspects of school, but still did well.  Me?  Well, my favorite things about school were the after school activities.  Unless I had a cute teacher.  Then that was my favorite subject for as long as I had him.  :D

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