Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Connecticut Trip: Part Two - POPEY'S

The 4 boys, sitting outside Popey's.
Popey's is an ice cream shoppe and restaurant that Tracy's aunt and uncle have owned for several decades (If I'm not mistaken). It's actually named after Tracy's grandfather; they called him Popey.

We have been hearing about Popey's ice cream for as long as we've known the B's.  I can't tell you how many times we sat down with a Blizzard or ice cream treat from somewhere and the B boys said how much they wished they were eating Popey's instead. Honestly, I thought DQ was pretty darn good when it came to ice cream.  I didn't doubt that Popey's had good ice cream necessarily. I just thought maybe their deep and abiding love for it was more of a family loyalty thing. :)

We got to CT on a Monday afternoon and Popey's is closed on Mondays, so we had to wait until the next day for the B's to have Popey's again and for us to have it for the first time.  Tuesday morning, that was the first place we went.  We had some shopping and running around to do, but we stopped there first.

They have some good hard ice cream, but what we all really wanted was the soft serve.  They had vanilla, chocolate and swirl. Along with that, they had a wall of toppings.  Yes, a WALL of toppings you could put on your ice cream.  If you wanted it, they had it. Fudge and caramel sauces, candy, candy bars, cookies, was all there.

To make it even more special, each of the boys got to make their own little masterpieces.

Braeden at the machine with Nana (Tracy's mom).
You think he likes it? ;)
Ok, I have to stop for a minute here and tell you about the cherries. I'm crazy.  But it's alright.  My neuroses (all of them) are accepted and mostly tolerated by my loved ones.  Some of my neurotic tendencies have manifested in each of the boys, but with my little munchkin here, they seem to be cuter and more funny.  We had Popey's several times over the course of our stay in CT.  Every time, Braeden wanted cherries on top. Didn't matter what flavor he had, or what other toppings he had, he wanted cherries.  The funny thing? It had to be 4 cherries.  Not 3 cherries.  Not even 5 cherries. But FOUR cherries. And for the sake of all that you hold holy and sacred, you best not put your digits on one of those 4 cherries, as Tracy can attest after she thought he would willingly split a cherry (not even a whole damn cherry...just half of one!) with one of the other boys so they could taste it.

So that's a glimpse into one of my wee ones neuroses.  Back to the rest of the Popey's visit, lol...

Bailey taking his turn at the machine with Nana.
His first glimpse at the Wall O' Topping-ey Goodness. Hehe.
Bailey had a hard time choosing which topping to put on, and after much thought and permission from Nana, he decided on a couple, or 5, different toppings.  That's the way it went for the remainder of the visit.  Never choosing just one...

Q was hiding from the limelight this go around, but Z had a turn at the machine, then so did I.

Z, an old pro at this by now. :)

My favorite mix? Hot fudge, caramel and Oreo pieces. :D
So after all these years hearing of everyone talk about Popey's ice cream, what did I think of my first taste? Best ice cream EVAR.  If I were an ice cream god, Popey's would be my Holy Land.  Or at least my happy place.  ;)

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