Monday, March 31, 2014

Homeschool Show and Tell: Resources and a Link-Up!

We will try anything if it's free. Really. Anything. Sometimes, that's exciting. Sometimes, it's a little scary. ;)

Even though we have been homeschooling for a quite a while, we are always on the look out for additional resources. If they are computer based, that's really great. If they are free, that's even better. 

Which leads me to this post. I wanted to talk about one of our favorite free (always free, no upgrade fee or "get access to more for a small price" kinda thing) resources. Learning Games for Kids. A website that is all about playing games to learn. 

Bailey was a little older when we discovered this site, but he's still played tons of the games over the years. As a matter of fact, he will still play on there every now and then. They have some US State games that he uses to learn a little more about each state. Mostly though, he just plays the 2 player games to play with his little brother. 

Braeden on the other hand, has loved this site for years! He even set up a shortcut on his desktop, wedged right between Minecraft and Roblox, lol. He has played everything from preschool games, to typing games (kid is fast...freaky fast for a 9 year old...wonder if that's my clue that he has a little too much time with his keyboard...), to his current 4th grade math games. If we are struggling with school work, or we simply want to have a light school day, he will always ask to play LGFK. Yep, ask

There really is some of everything on that site. Spelling, reading, science, health, art, animals, nature; if you want your kiddo to have a little practice with a subject, or if they need some reinforcement of specific content, you should definitely check out the site. 

The best part about all of it, is kids really don't feel like they are doing school work or homework. They are playing and having fun


Again, this site is totally free. Nothing hidden. No account set up needed. Just go there and start playing. Love, love, LOVE it and can't recommend it enough!

I'm linking up with for this post. I'm looking forward to seeing what other fun finds and resources that bloggers are sharing. You should check them out too! Click on the graphic at the top of the post and you'll head over to the link-up. 


Teaching Stars said...

Thanks for sharing this site. I LOVE Free sites too! This one was never on my radar though. I can't wait to check it out!

Katie Shuler said...

I hope you guys like it as much as we do! Thanks for stopping by to comment! :)