Saturday, March 29, 2014

Master's End of the Year...

Yep. Braeden wrapped up another year at Master's Academy today. The fine arts program held their end of the year performance and art show. He had a great year, and we really enjoyed the day.

Here are some of his masterpieces from throughout the year:

Instead of a traditional play, they did like a wax museum type thing...but the figures spoke and gave you a short monologue about themselves. It was really cool. There was Ludwig von Beethoven, Susan B. Anthony, the Bronte sisters, Edgar Degas and more.

Braeden was Alexander Graham Bell:

The video is a little hard to hear, but I hope you guys can make out what he's saying...

He loved wearing his suit, and he worked so hard on his little monologue. I was so proud of him!

This week sees me returning to the tax office six days a week, at least until around April 17th or so. I want to whine, but at least it will be over after that, lol. The boys have an archery class they are starting on Monday and Bailey still has his art class at Master's through May. We'll be able to return to regular activities with our homeschool group and we will head to Florida for our annual beach trip with the B's. Not unhappy about the end of tax time! ;)

In the midst of the fun, their school stuffs will continue hard to believe that this year will wrap up our first year at the high school homeschool thing. I was so freaking nervous leading up to this year, but it hasn't been so bad. Thank God.

Okey doke. That's all I've got in me. Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. And we have family movie Saturday to get to. Red 2? Ender's Game? Avengers for the 42nd time? :D

Have a fabulous week, errbody!


Jackie P said...

Of course all the art work looks great, but I especially like the boots and the white and blue pictures.

The end of the year thing at Masters sounds fantastic. I know he probably learned lots too.


Katie Shuler said...

Thanks, Jackie! Yeah, the sail boat picture was one of my favorites too. :)

He did learn so much, and he has SO much fun with this program. I think it's a wonderful way to expose them to subjects (art, drama, music) that I simply cannot teach, lol, but with other homeschoolers in a classroom setting. Something they wouldn't get otherwise, ya know? :)