Saturday, March 8, 2014

Squeezing Everything In

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These Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" memes crack me up. Especially when they are homeschool related. Thought I would share this one because it makes me giggle. And because he's sooooo pretty. ;)

Oooohkaaaay. Movin' on. 

So this time of year is when a lot of homeschooling families get all wiggy about making sure they have everything done for their school year. Are they on track to finish a grade level? Are they sure they are covering everything their kids need to know to progress? It can be a pretty stressful time for so many...

But not me. Not anymore. 

How'd I get so lucky? 

A butt-ton of stress and a few nervous breakdowns. 


When we were first getting started with homeschooling, I was so focused on recreating a classroom at home. Even though I finally started realizing that that wasn't necessary, it took a really long time for me to let go of "school year expectations." 

We technically follow a year-round school schedule, but I have long since let go of having a time frame for either of my boys to finish their year. They have never gone more than 14 months in one grade level (and that was honestly a while ago), so I just let them finish when they finish. They're happier that way, and I'm happier that way. 

There will always be those that say that's a lazy way to homeschool, but until they spend a day in my homeschool, and meet my kids, they can just suck it. ;)

Instead of worrying about what school work we still need to fit in, we are going to focus on what fun stuff we can throw in, before the scorching GA heat starts to get here. We want to get the boys to a live baseball game. We have our annual beach trip coming up. We want to hang with our friends, and visit a couple of museums. 

That's what we are going to be squeezing in. :)

What about you guys? What are you trying to make sure gets done before the end of your school year? 

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Jackie P said...

Hi Katie! It's Jackie stopping by from the Let's Homeschool High School March Blog Hop. I wanted to thank you for being such a loyal linker! :)

Our homeschool is VERY similar to yours. I know lots of folks stick to a rigid schedule, but we are very laid back. The result of that is a much happier child and mom, plus my daughter retains more not being under so much stress.

I look forward to reading your April Blog post.

Let's Homeschool High School

Katie Shuler said...

Thanks for stoping by, Jackie! :)