Saturday, March 22, 2014

Yay Spring!

At least for this weekend anyway. Mother Nature is in the middle of an "episode" (episode of what though, I have NO idea) and in a few days it's going to get cold again. Boo. But, we'll enjoy the weekend at any rate. :)

This week went well. We had a laid back week, which was nice, coming off of the week of Bailey's play. Oh, speaking of...I didn't really record the show because Master's did and hopefully we will get a copy of that, but Tracy was able to take some video and get some stills. Here are a couple when Bailey (the sheriff) was on stage that I thieved from Tracy's FB page (thank you, Tracy!), lol:

The play was A Bad Year for Tomatoes, and was actually really, really funny!
All of the kids did a great job, and we were so proud of Bailey's first performance! Little funny...he's got his friend Q's sweatshirt stuffed in his shirt to make his belly look all poofy. :)

I had to work a couple of days at the office, but that was about it. We did watch the Veronica Mars movie. Yep, that's noteworthy. I have only watched the three seasons of the TV show about a dozen times. Revisiting Neptune was fabulous, and I LOVED it! The writing and acting really did give the fans what they wanted, as far as just more of what we loved from the show. By the way...I have always been and always will be Team Logan! ;)

This week is Braeden's last week at Master's (Bailey has finished Drama, but will still be taking his art class through May), and he will be working on his end of the year play. He is portraying Alexander Graham Bell, and is very excited. 

As far as school goes, they will just do "the norm." A little T4L, some spelling, some reading and some handwriting. Game play will more than likely happen. Bailey is enjoying some brain games (logic, memory, etc.), and Braeden is Braeden...which means he will try and do the easy stuff, like music or typing games (kid types 60 words a minute already, sheesh!). Honestly, they are both doing well so I'm not going to sweat it. 

For now, we're off to do some shopping (groceries, blech) and get back so we can play outside. Have a great week!

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