Sunday, April 6, 2014

UGA Vet Open House

This past Friday we had a great opportunity to learn more about animals, and to discover the University of Georgia's College of Veterinary Medicine.

It. Was. Awesome.

I know I should be ashamed, because it's so local and so cool, but I had no idea that they did this. Once a year, they have a free open house. Open to anyone who wants to come, not just homeschoolers or public school field trips or anything.

They offer presentations on different things, live animals, demonstrations and more. We saw a dog show (frisbee catching and agility competition), we saw llamas, camels, cows, bugs, plants...TONS of stuff. We went with some friends and didn't realize we would kill six hours and still be sad when it was over, lol.

Here are just a few photos:

This was weird, gross and...honestly kinda neat. This is a healthy cow, with healthy gut flora. Basically, that's like a picc line in it's side. Where they can go in and take some of it's healthy gut flora, so they can insert it into a sick cow's gut. 

I think that's called a Walking Stick. And it's not yet fully grown. Will eventually be about 8 inches or longer. 

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. Eeeeeeeek. 

Eating crickets. 

Yep. Crickets. Eating them. 

Prepping for "teddy bear surgery." So cute! ;)

Dr. Braeden is doing an excellent job...
It really was a great time, and we are already looking forward to next year. As much as we did get to see/do, there was still so much we didn't make it to. Pretty freaking cool to think that we could probably spend the whole day there again next year, and not repeat anything that we did this year!

This week will probably be pretty slow on the school front. I am working six days this week, getting ready for the end of tax season. Blech. And of course, because I'm still trying to win that "homeschool mom of the year" award, I don't have a thing planned. Ugh. At least they have some notes and some saved wiki-pages from their vet day. They can use those to create spelling/vocabulary word lists to study, and to play games like Match Sentences. That's better than nothing, right? :)


Joy C said...

What a fabulous field trip! Zoe (and I) would have a blast doing something like that. Even the crickets....Z has eaten worms I'm sure she would eat a cricket. Sounds like a good opportunity to have an unschool week. :D Have a great week!

Katie Shuler said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving some comment-ey goodness, Joy! :D