Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stone Mountain Field Trip!

I have been wanting to take my boys to Stone Mountain for the longest time, but it never worked out. Outside of their special "homeschool day," the cost was just too great. Every time that annual homeschool day rolled around, we had problems fitting it into our schedule. Just never fell into place.

This year though, everything worked out. Aaaaand, it worked out so that we could take the niece with us, and we met up with friends for the day! Woot! :)

The weather was absolutely perfect for our field trip, and we all had so much fun. The kids did a sky hike type thing (totally counting that as P.E....you know me, meeting those homeschool requirements whereever we go, lol!) to start off the morning.

Braeden first...

Bailey next...waaaaay up high!

We also rode the train around the park, and learned some interesting things about the granite from Stone Mountain. We had no idea it was spread all over the place. There is some of it in the US Capital building and the Lincoln Memorial!

After the train ride and lunch, we played a round of mini-golf that felt like it was 47 holes long, but was fun. Then we hopped on the skyride. I really had to work myself up to this because I'm afraid of everything. But once on, it was beautiful, and such a short ride. Not to mention, you get to view the carving on the mountain from the neatest angle...

Once to the top, Brandi and I followed the kids around for a bit. Then we all just sat and chilled and enjoyed the fantastic view.

The day ended with a great dinner, then the boys and Sierra and I heading to take her home and visit my parents for the weekend. Much to the annoyance of my kids, I was able to extend our field trip over the weekend, by creating a couple of grade level word lists from words associated with our trip and the things we learned there. I made them (yep, made...) use said word lists to do spelling and vocabulary. I did not make them test or anything, or but I did make them practice by playing games like hangman and sentence match. Horrible of me, I know. ;)

This week Bailey has his final cake deco class and cake presentation. He is so excited, and has been working so hard. I can't wait to post pics next week of the final project!

Until next time...


Jackie P said...

Hi Katie,

I am stopping by from the October Let's Homeschool High School Blog Hop.

I went to Stone Mountain when I was a teen still living in TX. I have never been since moving to GA. I need to take my daughter.

Sounds like your homeschool "kinks" worked out just fine.

I look forward to reading you link-up post next month.

Let's Homeschool High School Team Member

Anonymous said...

I love your post. We haven't been to Stone Mountain in years. I think I have a picture of me nursing my now 12 yo on the top of the mountain but I was always struck with its beauty.

Kat said...

Thank you both for stopping by! It was a great visit to Stone Mountain and one that we look forward to repeating soon. Hopefully the next time we go, we'll be able to catch the laser show! :)

Thanks again,