Sunday, October 6, 2013

Doing something good...

I always tell the boys that I want to do more good around us. In our community. I'm quick to donate financially when I can, and I tell myself that the money is really needed and it's a good thing to give it.

But it's easy to donate money. I'm not saying that everyone has large amounts to give, I know I don't. But's easy. You write a check, hand over some cash, click pay online, whatever. Once you've done that, it's done. You're done. You gave. Pat on the back.

It's really easy to forget that, even in our world today, there is something that we have that is worth far more to someone than our money.

Our time.

The only thing we truly own. One thing that many of us feel we never have enough of. Something that can make such a big difference to someone else.

A few months ago, I read an old friend's Facebook post. I haven't seen her in more than 20 years, but we reconnected (online at least) through FB a couple of years ago. The post was a quick explanation of her mom's battle with Alzheimer's. However, it wasn't just her mom's battle. It was about her battle. The battle that her children face. It was the pain and sadness that this horrific disease brings to everyone, not just the one who has it.  The story was accompanied by a link to donate or sign up to participate in a walk. The Walk to End Alzheimer's.

I decided right then, that I wanted to do it. I have never done a charity walk in my life, and for those that know and love me, you know walking 3 miles on a Saturday morning is never something high up on my "to-do list." :D

The boys (who, in their awesomeness decided to walk with me) and I ended up having a great morning, with some great people. We felt good physically, but we also felt really good knowing that we gave our time to a very worthy cause.

The other part of the week went well too! Bailey had his last cake decoration class. He and Z had a ton of fun with this particular course (fondant and gum paste), and they both did a fabulous job on their final project. I have to remember to download a picture that Tracy took of both of them, but here is one I snapped on my phone of Bailey's:

All told, he invested about 9-10 hours on this cake. The 50 calla lilies took the most time...about 6 hours. Pretty freaking amazing, if I do say so myself. 

The school week went fine for them as well. Wednesday they had their monthly nature science program, and we went to an arboretum to study trees. I don't really take a lot of pictures of school stuff, because I never think about it. I know, shame. I do document what they are working on, but photos elude me. This week however, I have photos!! Woot for me! ;)

Bailey isn't following a specific art curriculum, but he's improving a lot thanks to his art teacher at Master's. This is one of his current projects, studying shading and lighting and looking at an object while drawing it.

A bell at a church. This is an 18" x 24" sketch pad, so a lot bigger than it looks here.
Braeden combined art with one of his science activities. Well, kinda science. Plant science? He made a potato head. Per his words, here is what he did:

"I got a potato and I scooped out the inside. Then I put on googly eyes. Then I glued on a feather. Then I got three wet cotton balls and stuck them in the potato. Then I got a bunch of grass seeds and sprinkled them down inside there with the wet cotton balls. Now I'm waiting for the grass to grow. So my potato will have hair."

Now great is my kid? ;) 

Here is his hairless-for-the-moment potato head:

If you look closely, you can see a little sprout of grass already,  right above my thumb. And no, this isn't a cyclops potato head...the other eye is on the other side, lol.

I don't really know what this week holds yet, but I'm all right (oh oh...side note...I *just* discovered that alright isn't a correct word, grammatically. Who knew?!) with taking it as it comes. I know it will busy, but I'm trying to not let it stress me out before it even starts. 

For now, I'm enjoying some down time with my guys. The eldest is making us his homemade fettuccine alfredo for dinner, and we are getting caught up on some our TV shows. Tonight is Sleepy Hollow, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Haven! 

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

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