Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall is HERE!

It's here for now at any rate. Here in GA, that could change real quick.

The temps are cool, the sun is shining and yesterday I was able to pull on my favorite comfy sweater for the first time this season. Things are good. ;)

The week went well. We stayed pretty busy, as usual. Wednesday, we had a birthday lunch and some play time with a friend. Thursday, after Master's, we took the kids skating. They had a great time, and I had a blast watching them. Takes me back to being Bailey's age and hanging at the skating rink all the time.

Sweet group of kids...
Bailey...he's very cautious and trying to find his footing.

Braeden...who decided "screw this, I'm getting in the middle." Haha.

Friday was homeschool park day, and yesterday we took the boys to see a friend perform in a play, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. 'Twas a fabulous production that we enjoyed very much! Following the play, we had dinner and board games with a GREAT group of people!

School is going great. We had a little bump a couple of weeks ago with both of the boys retaking quizzes they didn't score well on. I have no idea why they were doing this all of sudden; it's not like either of them is a new homeschooler, lol. Having said that, I discovered what they were doing and explained that all of the retake scores were being included in their grade average...which brings it down. They just thought it would take the highest grade from all of the them. Oops. Anyway, since I exlplained that, they are paying closer attention to the lessons and asking questions before they start on the quiz, if they are unsure about anything. So, things are going much better now.

This week, we are preparing for a fall vacation! Doesn't happen often, but we found ourselves able to spend the last week of the month in Virginia. A state that NONE of us have been before! We leave a week from today, and I want to make sure that we stay on top of school (and work!), but I also want the boys to learn a little about Va before we head out. I think I will look up some fun facts about the state, and build a word search they can work on.

As much as we are looking forward to the trip, my "oh my gosh, I have a week to pack and get ready" anxiety is kicking in. I hate that about my personality...that I get so stressed and anxoius about everything, including the happy stuff. Ah well, at least I'm used to it. :/

For now, I'm logging off to enjoy the day with my men folk. Happy Sunday Funday to me!

Happy Sunday Funday to you as well! :D

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