Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall and Family and Fun!

Woot! First day of fall! I love fall. LOVE fall. I know I've covered that. But for reals. I love fall.

Moving on.

Last week went super. It was crazy busy, but everything really just worked out the way it was supposed to. The boys' soccer games went well, the cake deco class went well, the book club went well and my Moms Night Out trip to the Bodies and Titanic exhibits went really well! We are all so family oriented, but us gals foresee at least a couple of MNO events a year. ;)

This week is super exciting for the boys (for all of us really), because my niece is going to spend the week with us. Sierra and Bailey are eerily similar, lol, and they get along SO good. They have been wanting to spend time together and it worked out that this week was the week.

Even though Sierra is homeschooled, she is on break this week, so she's able to visit school work free. The boys aren't so lucky. We got a late start thanks to DragonCon, and we are hoping to take a fall trip later in October, so they just can't afford the week off right now.

On top of his normal work load, Bailey is going to have to work on his 4-H portfolio. He is doing another DPA (district project achievement) this spring and the portfolio (which is due soon) counts for 40% of his overall score. We are a little more comfortable with it this year. Last year he and I both were nervous wrecks because we hadn't really done a formal portfolio before. It's good practice for us though. Not only does putting together his 4-H portfolio help us get a feel for putting together his homeschool portfolio, but the 4-H portfolio can go IN his homeschool portfolio. Yay for multi-tasking type stuffs!

Braeden is not able to focus as easily as Bailey. I'm a little concerned about getting him to settle down and do his school with Sierra here, but I think I've convinced him that if he spends the week learning about science (his favorite subject), and squeezing in some spelling, I will be happy with that and will leave him alone, lol.

Even though we have a visitor, our schedule is packed yet again. Homeschool Minecraft Club and soccer tomorrow. Soccer on Tuesday. Cake deco class on Wednesday. Master's and soccer on Thursday. Aaaaand...Stone Mountain Homeschool Day on Friday with friends. YAAAAY!

I wish you all a fabulous week, and I leave you with this:


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