Sunday, June 2, 2013

When did June get here?

Geeeez. Already?

Last week went just as I hoped it would. Very low key. Yay! We hung out at the house, spent time with new friends at the park, and just enjoyed not having a lot to do. School went well for the boys, and we are looking forward to summer fun stuffs coming up!

Tomorrow we are going to Six Flags for the first time this season, and that should be fun. I'd rather go to White Water, lol, but we are saving that for when the hubs can join us. He could care less about Six Flags, so the boys and I are going to go with Tracy and her boys. We are also hoping to hang with friends throughout the week, so traditional school-ey things will probably be less.

At Barnes and Noble yesterday, the boys picked up a cool little book... 101 Things to do Before You Grow Up. There are a lot of things/projects/science activities they can do; make their own kite, make a battery out of a potato, learn about survival skills and more. Looks really cool, and they are VERY excited about working out of that book over the summer. By the way, this book was in the bargain price books, plus I was able to use my Educator's Card to get 20% off. Woot! ;)

They are also going to work on making their own little grill. This will be loads of fun, but it will also be incredibly useful. I follow a Roadschooling page on Facebook ( day we WILL become roadschoolers. I just know it.), and they had a little DIY grill activity.

Looks super easy, and it's a great way to recycle our coffee cans, of which we have waaaay too many. Knowing my kids, they will try to cook everything on their little grills, but I think I'm looking forward to some s'mores. :)

Other than these fun projects, I'm not going to ask a lot of them. We are really enjoying "life learning" rather than scheduled learning, and I don't want their enthusiasm to wane, lol. I might make flashcards with words they are using in their projects, but those are fun and we can really whip them out anywhere. :D

For now, I'm off to fight with the laundry demon. Then, we are going watch some movies and get caught up on Supernatural. I love my couch time...

Have a great week, errbody!

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Joy Capps said...

Time really has flown by this year! I definitely will be checking out that book...sounds like something my whole family would like. And that grill??that is too cool!