Sunday, June 30, 2013

What. A. Week.

Day Camp is over. Whew. ;)

The week actually went well, it was just long. And hot. And buggy. I will have to get pictures from Tracy, but I didn't do that before the week was over, and she's leaving tomorrow for a week, so it might be a while before I have any to post...

We wrapped up our week yesterday by attending a reception/celebration of the marriage of my little brother and his wife. They had a private wedding a few weeks ago, but wanted a chance to celebrate with their loved ones. It was a lot of fun! They had a beautiful cake, got some gifts and enjoyed the time with everyone.

The happy couple. :)
This week we hope to enjoy some quality down time together. I am trying to mentally prep myself for my kids' vacation with my parents the week after next. I know they will have fun, but they are going to be about 10 hours away from me for a few days. That's hard for this helicopter mama, lol. At the end of the week, the hubs and I will be joining them. It'll be a nice weekend at the beach.

As far as school goes, they are going to play some games, do some reading...probably an experiment or two. Sound familiar, lol? That's our summer. Light and laid back. Braeden is enjoying playing HangMouse (which is basically hangman for kids) on VSC. Bailey is learning a little more about simple machines and how to build them. I am still trying to decide on a core high school program for Bailey to start on in the fall. Ugh. I wish it weren't so hard...

Okey dokey. Time to get off here and spend the day with all three of my guys. We haven't had a day together since last Sunday! That may not seem too bad to most people, but we aren't most people. :P

Enjoy the start of your July and have a happy 4th!

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