Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bye-bye Mini Van...

A word of warning: this is going to be kinda whiny, lol.

Last week started off great. Monday we went to Six Flags, and had a blast! Tuesday, we went to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone at a local theater. That was fun...I hadn't seen that movie in the theater since it's opening weekend in 2001 and the boys, obviously, have never seen it in theaters. After the movie we enjoyed lunch with some great new friends, and hung out at said new friends' place and played, swam and really had a great time.

And that is where super fun week ended. :(

On the way home Tuesday afternoon, I was involved in my first major (major to me) car accident. Someone was in an awfully big hurry to turn into the Dollar General, and tried to turn left in front of me. I guess a more accurate description would have been to say "tried to turn left ON me."

This is what happened:

Yup. That's what left of my van. My PAID OFF van. :( I'm still waiting on the insurance adjuster, so I don't know that it's actually totaled. But the auto repair guy that came and towed it said it was totaled, as did the officer on the scene.

As sad as that makes me, I am beyond grateful that my boys suffered no injuries at all. A little soreness where their seat belts were, but even that was very minor and really only bothered them Wednesday morning (the day after). I have bruising and soreness/stiffness where my seat belt hit and some injuries to my legs, but they were very minor compared to what could have been. Something (I honestly have no idea what really) came through under the steering column and hit my legs. Abrasions, some 1st degree burns and some pretty nasty blood pooling/bruising.

This is right after the accident, at the hospital. Believe it or not, the burns and abrasions are healing really well. My legs are still super swollen, and more shades of red/blue/purple/black/yellow than I have ever seen, lol, but all in all, I got away lucky.
Yep. Very grateful and blessed.

Needless to say, the remainder of the week didn't go as planned. We actually got nothing accomplished. Nothing around the house. No school (other than some lessons on force and motion, a la "this is what happens when your car is in motion and going this fast and hits something wth this force," which the hubs thought was a funny joke, lol). No grocery shopping. Nuttin.

We will try again this week. I will be dealing with accident reports, insurance claims and adjusters, but between that, we should have some good time at home. Fingers crossed.

For now, I'm going to attempt to do some stuff around the house. Wear myself out really good, then pretend to be a sloth on the couch. :)

If you're perusing the blogosphere, and you're looking for less whiny and more schooly, you should should head over to this blog I follow, about military homeschoolers. No, we aren't military, but she is homeschooling 3 boys and really seems to manage her time well. I enjoy taking a peek at her life, and I'm sure any of you would as well. It's called Homeschooling My Three Sons.

Okey dokey...hope errbody has a great week! Please wish me luck with everything... :D

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