Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day Camp...

Tomorrow starts our week of Cub Scout day camp! My boys aren't really involved in Scouts anymore, but Tracy and I have been running this day camp for several years, and just keep getting suckered in to do it again and again each year. ;)

We've got some great plans for the kids...lots of nature activities, craft projects, experiments (this is where all of that homeschool science stuff comes in handy, lol) and sports to play. It usually runs smoothly, and I expect no difference this year. I'm still working with the insurance company on getting the claim from the accident settled, so that might interrupt my week here and there, but it shouldn't be too bad.

Needless to say, the day camp will pretty much count as our school this week. Since Braeden will be doing all of the things we have planned, he's covered for the week. Bailey will be a helper, and even if he's not actually participating in certain activities, I'm going to have him document/journal the week. Yep, I'm totally counting that journaling as teaching writing. Heh.

Short post, I know. But I'm off for now. We are taking my grandmother out to lunch for her birthday, then I need to come back and get everything ready. I'm a procrastinator (I'm sure that doesn't surprise anyone), and of course I don't have a thing ready to go for tomorrow, lol.

Hope you all enjoy the last week of June! :)

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