Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beach bound!

Well, almost. We leave on Thursday the 2nd, and will be returning on Sunday the 12th. Our spring vacay is always a blast and we are so grateful for our awesome friends who let us go with them and stay in the family vacation home. They are a homeschooling family as well, so you know we have fun AND squeeze in some learning, lol.

One year we went to a nature center (I actually think we went to this on two separate occasions), one year we went to Kennedy Space Center and one year we went to a new zoo. We have no idea what we will do this year, but we will decide that when we get down there, and we know we'll love it!

We also make it a point to see a new movie together. And it always works out that it's a Marvel movie, lol. Iron Man 2, The Avengers and this year Iron Man 3! :)

The hubs will mostly have off for the week. He has a few things that he has to do as far as editing goes, but no writing work for the week. I will do a little work in the mornings or at night (just to have a little income come in when we get back...oh the joys of being self-employed and not having paid time off...) and the boys will mostly have off of school.

Yep, only mostly.

I know. So evil. ;)

They will take a break from their core program, and really only work on spelling and reading. They can do some spelling on their SpellingCity iPad apps (yay!) and I will print off worksheets from some of the activities so they can have some non-gadgety time. The worksheets also double as handwriting practice so woot for multi-tasking.

Braeden is working on identifying contextual cues, and VSC has a WhichWord activity that can be played online or made into a printable. Bailey is working on sentence and paragraph writing practice. Again, that can be done online or in a worksheet. Isn't it nice when things are so easy?

They will also have reading time. Bailey is currently working through a series by Raymond Feist. Braeden is working on his Beast Quest series, but has also asked to look for something to read on This is a site focusing on literature for homeschoolers...books about homeschoolers, books by homeschoolers, etc. We'll see what we come up with.

See, that's not that evil after all, is it?

Today is hair cut day. Bailey takes off his fro. Braeden gets his mohawk. The hubs gets a little less shaggy. And I get a trim and convince myself that I should dye my hair purple (to match my new glasses!) after vacay, so the chlorinated pool and the salt water don't strip it right out. :D

Have a great week! Next time I shout at you all, it'll be with the sun on my face and the sand in my toes!

Here's one my favorite shots from last year's trip. My boys, Tracy's boys and Jen's sweetheart. :)

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