Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tax season is OVAH!

Well, mostly. Tomorrow is my last day! YAY! :)

This past week was ridiculously busy, as I worked Monday through Saturday. Haven't done that since February. I'm not whining; I do realize that I am unbelievably blessed in that I only have to work outside of the home a short time during the year...but still...made for a long week, lol.

Add to that, we had soccer on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. It was good though...both boys' teams won their first games, so that was a very encouraging start to their season!

The boys did well with school last week. I didn't have anything planned, but they plugged away at their T4L and they chose their own spelling lists. They also worked on making some stop-motion films using some modeling clay and an app on Bailey's iPod. Awesome stuff. I don't have anything to share right now because the boys want to tweak their technique before I start sharing with the world. :)

This coming week will start to quiet back down. I work tomorrow, but then I am done! We again have soccer on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Bailey has Masters on Thursday, and since Braeden is done, he and I are going to have a special lunch and enjoy some quality time together. Nothing else really going on.

For school, they will do their normal T4L thing. For spelling, I will have them work on some printable games and some worksheets. Maybe a crossword. I have to stay on them both about their handwriting...that will be focused on again now that I will be back home more.

Since I suck at laundry when I am home, you can imagine what my laundry area looks like after 7 days of me not home. GAH. I am going to try and tackle that (try being the operative word, lol), then we are going to proceed with a mini-marathon of more Battlestar Galactica. Courtesy of Netflix. :D

Have a great week everybody, and for those that wait until the last minute for your taxes, don't forget to have everything postmarked by tomorrow!

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