Monday, April 22, 2013

It happens too fast!

The kiddos grow up waaaaaay too fast. Most days, I would swear to you there is no way I have a teenager. None. He's still a baby. Then there are moments like this:

That's the hubs tying a tie on Bailey for the first time, because Bailey is getting ready for his first formal. Gulp, sniff... 

Saturday night was the formal for the 7th-12th grade students that attend Master's Academy. While the older kids met and did their thing prior to the dance, the 7th and 8th graders and their parents met at Olive Garden for dinner before heading to the dance. I enjoyed the gathering, and all of the kids seemed to as well!

After dinner, Tracy and I dropped of Bailey and Q, peeked inside to see the decorations, got a quick (and cute!) group shot, then took off to do some shopping. Bailey was so excited and not the least bit nervous...which is better than where I was. ;)

Saturday was a big deal for Bailey, and it ended up being a wonderful evening for him and all of the other kids. On top of all that, yesterday Bailey finally joined Facebook. He has already had a Twitter account (to follow artists and celebs that he enjoys) and a Pinterest account (because he can repin a bazillion troll face memes, lol) for a while, but those didn't make me as antsy as FB. Not sure why. Anyway, we stayed firm on the "when you're old enough that we don't have to lie about your birthday to create an account, we'll talk" thing. He turned 13 back in August, so it was time I guess. 

Even though it sounds silly, the formal and the new FB page together just seem almost overwhelming to me. Maybe it's because we homeschool, that I am able to hang out in this denial period about how quickly they are growing up? I mean, before you know it I'm going to need to find an SAT writing tutor for Bailey and we will be starting homeschool middle school with Braeden. SLOW DOWN ALREADY. Please. :D

I know it's crazy...but in my feeble mind I went from a newborn to this, in what feels like a day...

My very cute little boy handsome young man. Yes, those are skulls on his tie. He's mine, whaddiya expect? ;)

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