Sunday, May 5, 2013


We are finally on our annual beach vacation! :)

The drive down was awful. We left about 5pm on Thursday, right after Bailey and Q were finished with their last class at Master's. It was rainy and gloomy the WHOLE way down. 500+ plus miles of  icky. But, we pulled in at about 330 am, and have been enjoying ourselves since!

Friday was pretty much an unload, unpack and catch up on rest day. While our family and Tracy's family drove down Thursday, Jen and her munchkin flew down between snoozing and unpacking, we did take a trip to the airport to pick them up. Yesterday we did a huge church yard sale and headed to a local comics store for Free Comic Book Day!

We don't really know what the rest of the week has in store. We know that at some point we will see Iron Man 3. We know that we will have lots of beach time. We know that we will meander around historic downtown Melbourne (they have some great shops down there, and an Irish pub that the hubs wants to visit). We will more than likely visit the local nature center again, because that's a family favorite.

As far as schooling goes...we will be an unschooling family this week, rather than our normal relaxed, eclectic homeschooling family, lol. Not that that suprises anyone. We are on vacation after all. :) They have books to read. I have some word searches and crosswords they can work on if I feel they need to. They have done, and will do, some activities on their SpellingCity iPad apps and they are spending some time learning more about the local animal habitats here. That's enough learnin' right?

For now, I'm off to doctor some sunburn (I'm fine everywhere except the tops of my feet of all places!!) and enjoy some group board game time. Bailey and Z are treating us to dinner and dessert tonight. Yum! :)

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