Monday, May 20, 2013

Zoo trip!

This past week went really well. We finished up our soccer season on a great note, we got a chance to relax and rest, and I got to read a couple of new books (the last Sookie Stackhouse and the latest Stephanie Plum) which I haven't done in a while. We also took the boys to see the new Star Trek on Saturday. I actually enjoyed it. Of course, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of my favorite actors right now, so that helped. :) 

Yesterday was a lot of fun. After spending the morning and afternoon chilling at the house, we headed to the ATL for the evening, to participate in Dragon*Con volunteer appreciation night at Zoo Atlanta. It was raining almost the whole time, and we were all super soggy...but it was great time!! We laughed a lot, we got to see some cute animals, there was a special fire performer (breather/twirler...I have NO idea what to label him, lol) and D*C even fed us. Outside of the gas to get down there, we didn't have to pay a penny for anything! It was a fabulous evening, and I thank the Powers That Be at D*C for putting this together for their volunteer staff!

Because you're never too old to put your head in a hole. ;)

Pandas! They are my favorite animal at the zoo and the boys love them too. They are soooooo stinking cute!

This week should be mellow. Bailey has a 4-H banquet tomorrow evening, and practice for that today (he has a scripted speaking part), and we are going to visit our families over the weekend. We haven't been down since way before vacation, and my niece is having a birthday party. Other than that, we will be at home. Wow...nice to say that and mean it, lol. There is a lot of stuff I would like to do around the house, so fingers crossed that those things at least get started. 

The boys will plug away at school. It's nice to be on "school-lite" right now. To be honest, we all still feel like we are recuperating from vacation. At some point, I have to find a program, or programs, for Bailey for the fall. Gulp. We both wish we could stick with T4L. Use the same curriculum for high school that we used for early child education. But unless something changes between now and September 1st, that ain't gonna happen. Sigh. 

I have to run to Hobby Lobby at some point and try and get some magnet materials. The boys love playing with magnets, and Braeden has had some questions about how they work. I will try and have them work on age appropriate magnet lessons, and if I can find some magnets of different strengths to play with, that should be fun. 

Other than that, I don't have a thing planned. And I'm ok with that for now. :) 

I have some work to do, and some laundry to do (always!), then I might just find myself buried in a book again. Maybe. 

Have a great week!

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