Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend with their loved ones. We had a great, but busy weekend visiting family. As usual, we try to fit in way too much in a short period of time. But, it worked out alright.

Yesterday afternoon and evening we spent visiting with the hubs' side of the family. The boys always enjoy hanging out with my nieces, and my sister-in-law and I had a lot of fun making little charms out of clay. It was something that has intrigued me in the past, but I've never really tried. She had bought a kit, complete with clay AND an instruction book, so we gave it a try. I loved it! I immediately ordered my own kit, and I'm looking forward to playing with it when it gets here this week!

I made these...little pink crab, a cute pear and an octopus with a top hat and a monocle for the hubs. :D
Today we spent the day with my family. My parents are very heavily involved with their American Legion/Legion riders and there are times when we go down and we don't actually get to see them much. Today was an off day for the holiday, so we actually got a nice relaxing day with them and my brother and his family. Just chillin' and a wonderful dinner my mom made. It was a really good visit!

My boys and my brother's kiddos.
This week shouldn't prove too different than last week. I'm working Monday and Friday at the tax office. Thursday is Braeden's last Master's class of the year. Soccer Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday is Braeden's end of the year Master's play (he's playing "Frick" the goblin in Hansel and Gretel!). And finally, on Sunday, the hubs and I are doing something totally different...we're going to the Classic City Brew Fest. An all day, 300+ craft beer sampling, live music, charity event. Proceeds benefit the Athens-Area Humane Society. So, we're going to drink beer and help the animals. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. ;)

As far as school work goes, Bailey won't be working on his normal stuff this week. He and I have an opportunity to get a glimpse and a short trial of a high school homeschool curriculum, so we are going to really focus on that. Braeden is going to be spending a lot of time practicing for the play, so he will honestly have a lighter work week as well. I will let him do some spelling and study vocabulary words from Hansel and Gretel, so he will have something schooley to work on, lol.

Okey Dokey...I hafta hang out at the bottom of Mt. Laundry for a bit, and get ready for the week. Have a great week, errbody! :D


Anonymous said...

Did you find a good high school curriculum? I have two years left before deciding, but want to keep my eyes open for something good :-)


Kat said...

Hi Amanda, thanks for stopping by! No...much to my sad face, I haven't found a high school curriculum yet! :(

I did however, find a great curriculum directory at a website called Let's Homeschool High School (, and I am hoping to be able to search through all of those listings soon! Good luck with your search as well! :)

Thanks again,