Sunday, March 24, 2013

When is Spring?

Wasn't the first day of spring this past week, lol? It has been cold and wet for the better part of the week and certainly doesn't feel very spring-like to me!

All is well here. I just returned from a girls weekend with Tracy and her mom, Jeanne. Had a great time with the gals, and really enjoyed the scrapping (and laughing...oh, the laughing!) and hanging out. Want to see one of scrapbook pages I worked on?

Ayup. I did a scrapbook page with a photo of us girls, doing a little scrapbooking. Obsessive? Nah. ;)

The guys enjoyed their "guy weekend." They hung out, played some D & D and watched some "guy movies" like The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises

We only had one soccer practice last week, due to rain and some nasty head colds. This week, provided Mother Nature plays nice, should see us at the fields more evenings than not.

There's not a lot going on right now. Just continuing to wind down with the tax thing, and gear up for the soccer thing. This coming weekend we are going to spend the weekend visiting family for the Easter holiday. That will be nice since we haven't seen anyone since tax season started. :/

Believe it or not, I do have plans laid out for the boys' school this week. They have a specific number of lessons they will do in T4L, they will do some handwriting worksheets (MUCH to their displeasure, lol), I'm going to have them work on some Easter themed vocabulary flashcards for kids, and they are each going to try and find some books by homeschoolers that they want to read from the website. 

The also have a nice little wish list going on Amazon. As the school year starts to lessen, and as vacation time approaches, they want their iBooks stocked and ready to read. Even though we've been telling them thing all along, they now understand why we like reading by the pool or at the beach. :D

That's about it for now. Have to unpack from the weekend and get ready for work tomorrow. I also need to catch up with my boys before bed.

I hope you all enjoy your last week of March (GAH! I can't believe that!) and have a wonderful Easter holiday with your loved ones! 

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