Sunday, March 10, 2013

Field Trips...

We love field trips! :) This weekend has felt like one big field trip for the boys and I, lol. This past Friday, we headed down to the Atl for a performance by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and a nice stroll through the High Museum of Art. By we, I mean the boys and I and Tracy and her boys.

This is the second time that we have done this particular trip. This time, the symphony performance was "American Journey through Music" and the exhibit at the High was Freida and Diego. We had a great day, and enjoyed lunch together at IHOP!

Yesterday we took the boys to see Jack the Giant Slayer, and we all really liked it. I wanted to see the new Oz movie, but got out voted. Having said that, I have no regrets about the movie we did see...great "popcorn flick" (not really an Oscar type movie, but fun for the fam).

Today, we met some friends for lunch on their way back home to NC. Loved seeing them and chatting for a bit.

This week should be good for us. I have Jury Duty tomorrow, and I'm only working on a couple of days this week. I will get to spend Thursday dropping a ton of stuff off at Goodwill (yay for spring cleaning!) and running errands. But other than that, hopefully all will go smoothly.

The boys have some art projects and some science experiments they have been wanting to do, so I think I will let them focus on that. We'll let T4L and VSC be their supplementary enrichment this week. ;)

I, as always, have some laundry to do. At some point this evening, I think the boys and I are going to continue our Merlin (I heart Netflix!) marathon. For now, I'm going to grab a cup of coffee, go sit on my porch to enjoy this beautiful day, and I'm going to dream about buying a Winnebago and taking our family on a roadschooling across America journey. One day, that dream will come true...I just know it. :D

Have a great Sunday afternoon!


Emily said...

Oh, roadschooling sounds fabulous! :D I hope you get to do that...and blog about it...a lot.

TC Harris said...

Roadschooling sounds like fun!

Joy Capps said...

That sounds like something my duo would love! We love going to plays also. Roadschooling is the best and I'm hoping to do a lot of it this spring/summer.

Kat said...

Thanks, everyone! That's what the hubs and I are saving for. Fingers crossed... :D