Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Gosh. Middle of March already. This year seems to be going by faster and faster.

The past week went well for us.  I had jury duty on Monday. No, I didn't get picked. This was the second time in a row that they had the jury picked before they even polled me. The case was an aggravated assault against a police officer that I really wanted to be on. Oh well. Maybe next time...

Even though I didn't get picked, the whole jury duty process made for some interesting school time throughout the week. We looked up how the whole jury thing works, the boys learned why it was so important for citizens to have a jury of their peers and we even plugged some jury and court related words into a spelling list for each of them.

Tomorrow evening starts our spring soccer schedule. It feels like the fall season just ended, lol. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays will see us at the fields. This is Bailey's last spring season with the recreation department. Because of his age, he will be able to play one last time this fall but then he will age out. The local school will not let him try out and play (grrrrr), but we have already found another youth league near us. It will cost more, and involve more traveling, but at least it's a way for him to still play, which is what he really wants.

As far as school goes this week, the boys are doing a little bit of learning about St. Patrick's Day. I know...shoulda let them do this last week, but I forgot and let it slip up on me. They are also working on some Easter activities. They are plugging along with their core Time4Learning stuff and they have a few holiday themed vocabulary words to work with in SpellingCity. I will assign them some math games too. Those go over much better than assigning math worksheets. :D

Wednesday is free parking day at GA state parks, so I think Tracy and I are planning a picnic with the boys. The weather here has been absolutely beautiful the last couple of days. Hopefully that will continue!

I am working only Monday and Friday this week, and that's very nice. Next weekend, Tracy and her mom and I, are having a scrap weekend. We are soooooo looking forward to that! A weekend at Archiver's, with a Dragon*Con staff meeting thrown in. Woot!

For now, I'm going to get comfortable on my couch and pretend to be a sloth. Have a great week!

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