Thursday, September 27, 2012

A few vacation photos...

In a perfect world, these would just be the first of many photos. But we all know how much I suck at posting pics, lol, so I guess we'll take what we can get. :D

Here are a few shots of our week so far (these were all taken with my phone, so my apologies if they look horrible once enlarged or anything)...

Crabby Joe's on the pier at The Boardwalk.

The view from our room! :)

Next to the pool, the hotel has a little fire's been awesome just sitting around it in the evenings.

The other day it rained most of the day so we took a little field trip to a local chocolate factory...

I loved seeing this on the wall, lol. One of the best scenes from the show! :)

A plate of awesome! Candied orange slices, white chocolate "eggs" and chocolate covered bacon! I could eat that for breakfast, couldn't you? ;)

Yuh huh. That's a 15lb chocolate turkey. And yuh huh. It costs $140.00.

Look! I knew chocolate was healthy. *Totally* healthy. :P

Braeden had crab legs for dinner last night, for the first time ever. He loved them! I think he liked the bib and the fact that he needed tools and a special fork to eat it with better though, lol.

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