Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's really hard to follow a D*C post, lol...

This week was hard to manage, time wise. We had a lot of unpacking and winding down to do from D*C, we had soccer practice, we had doctor appointments. Seeing as how I'm not really the best scheduler/time manager anyway, well you can imagine how much we accomplished this week.


The boys worked on SpellingCity on their iPads. They read. They  played some games. Risk counts as educational, right? We really should be on a better roll with our school year, but it's hard for us this year, and none of us can pinpoint why. We also know that we have a week at the beach coming up at the end of September. Yet another distraction, lol.

This upcoming week should be a little better. I have to study for a tax preparer test I am taking on Thursday, and of course there's soccer, but we should be able to get some stuff done. I bought a couple of workbooks (hiss, snarl, boo, gak) recently, just to kinda gauge where the boys are. I don't know that I really needed to do that, but they were on sale at The School Box and they were for transitioning from 2nd to 3rd grade, and from 7th to 8th grade. So I picked them up and showed them to the boys. I tried to pretend to be all excited about them. I failed. And they continue to avoid looking at them every time they walk by them.

I am going to find some homeschool fiction books for the boys. They have so much they want to read. They start a series. Then start another one, lol. I want to say finish one before you start another, but I'm honestly just so damn glad that they are reading because they want to, that I don't want to push my luck. I was browsing the homeschool literature site, and I came across a book that looked good. Banished. Then I discovered that I can "borrow" it for free with a Kindle. Would you believe that as much as I love gadgets, and as much as I love my Amazon Prime account, that I didn't know you could do this?! I can't do it with the Kindle app on my iPad sadly, but they did just bump the price down on the cheapest Kindle model to $69. I see another gadget in our future... ;)

Also, I found a totally free program, Book Adventure by Sylvan, that I can use to find books for Braeden and quiz him on. He's improved so much with his reading, but I don't want to read everything that he's reading, lol. Having said that, I do want to see how he's doing with his reading comprehension. That's where the Book Adventure site comes in. They have over 8,000 books in their program. I have already found several that Braeden has read, or wants to read. They have quizzes already made up for those books, so I don't have to go through and come up with questions. Yay!

Other than the reading stuffs, I am hoping to see a good jump into their new grade levels on T4L. We'll see, lol.

Hope everyone has a good week!


Emily said...

Shelfari can be a pretty good site for finding new books, too...if you're not already using that. I set up an account there just for Grace's school reading. I don't know why, but I like to have a record of all of the books she's read each year. ;)

Kat said...

Cool! Thanks, Emily! I didn't know about Shelfari, but I'm going there right now! :)