Saturday, September 22, 2012

Homeschooling on Vacation...

I know, I know...who does that? Well. We do. Kinda. :)

As homeschoolers, we generally find something to do that we can deem "educational" every place we travel. Nature centers, historic sites, local museums, etc. But that's generally all we do because, after all, it *is* vacation.

We are about to leave for a week in Daytona Beach. This is an unusual vacation time for us, and one that is not going to be commonplace. 

Because of the unusual time away, and because we have really only just gotten into our school year, I don't want to risk an entire week off of our normal schedule. If we want to maintain our pace so we can take our normal Thanksgiving-New Year's break, I'm going to have to plan a little more than I usually do (and a little more than I'd like, lol), so we can have things to take with us that the boys can work on next week.

When we are at home, the boys each have their own computer to do their core curriculum. While we are fortunate that T4L travels well...we only have one laptop to travel with. And in this particular situation, they are going to be limited as far as an Internet connection goes (Can you believe there are still hotels that don't have internet in all of their rooms?! Thank God for mobile phone tethering, lol!). So, I need to have activities that one can do, while the other is working online. Even though we don't always use them, T4L has some printable worksheets that correspond to many of the lessons/activities. That's handy, and I have gone through and printed some out of each boys' grade level for them to work on next week. Mostly math, with a little science and social studies thrown in.

Screen shot of one of the math worksheets Bailey will be working on. And I wonder why he looks at me funny when I mention math... :/

They both have iPads, but we are still faced with the limited connectivity issue. Even so, the app from SpellingCity can, and will, be used offline. They just have to go through and click on their lists to "open them" while we have internet, then they are cached and the boys can access them anytime. So I have some spelling and vocabulary covered. Yay! ;)

As far as other activities they can work on, I can use the VSC word search maker and handwriting worksheet maker (for the wee one) to make additional worksheets in case I need them. They are also googling, as we speak, a couple of educational places (There's a Marine Science Center that they both zeroed in on really quickly) that they want to go to while we are there because...well...yes I want them to have school time while we are gone, but I want them to enjoy their vacation too, lol!

Here is a word search I printed for
Braeden using some fall words...can't wait for autumn! :)
Other than that, we're traveling with a stack of paper books, a ton of books on our iPads, a few board games and we are even taking our bluray player and some movies with us. Seems like a lot, but I like to plan on down time and rainy day fun stuffs. :)

What about you guys? What types of things do you plan for/pack when you need to take your school on the road for a little while? Share what you do in the comments below, and have a great week! Be on the look out for some beachy photos...

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