Sunday, September 16, 2012

Feels like Fall...

The mornings have been cooler this week, and I've loved it. Just knowing that fall is around the corner and I will soon be able to pull out my hoodies is awesome.

The boys have been enjoying soccer practice. Their games start this week and for the first time, Bailey's age group will have some traveling games. They've never played any of the other counties before, so this definitely brings new excitement for the season. Braeden's age group isn't traveling though, so we will have some conflicts for a few of the games. But it'll work out.

Looking forward to planning some fall activities. We enjoy Oktoberfest in Helen, and there's a great apple festival in Ellijay. We're also hoping to find a good pumpkin patch and corn maze. We haven't done that in a few years...

School is going really well. Even though we are slackers, lol. The boys haven't fought me this week at all, which is nice. They knew I was studying for a tax preparer test I had to take (which I passed, btw...yay for me!) so they collectively agreed to make things easy on me. ;)

Braeden enjoyed some educational videos (shockingly, they weren't from YouTube!), and will watch some more this week. Both boys surprisingly had fractions in math, and they did well with them. The whole reduced fraction thing is a little hard for Braeden (why can't I just leave it as 2/12...why do I have to make it 1/6?), but after a while, he got it and moved on, lol. I can't say that he enjoyed it, but he did do well with it so I'm happy. Spelling was good; Braeden worked on finishing up some 2nd grade lists, and Bailey worked on the 50 states and their Capitals.

Science is kinda stalled right now. Both of the boys blew through the science in T4L, so we are trying to find a good alternative program for this year. We usually just try experiments we find online, but they've asked for a program with a little more structure, so I'm looking for something. We want to really explore creationism, evolution AND intelligent design, so I guess I will be looking for several programs, lol. It's important to us to teach the boys about our belief system, but we also want to expose them to other scientific theories. When it's time for them to decide what they believe, we want their decision theirs, not ours that we projected on them, lol.

I'm also continuing on in my neurotic freak out about NEXT year. Ugh. I wish that I could put off my worry, and just get through this year, but I can't. I don't know that it's the high school thing that scares me as much as knowing that we will have such a drastic change in our homeschool curricula. We've used T4L for almost six years now, and it's hard to really process that one of them is leaving that behind. :(  Anyway, in that regard, I did come across a new site for high school homeschooling. They have a curriculum directory (YEEEEES!), as well as a forum for both parents and students. Pretty cool.

This week will be soccer, soccer, 4H, soccer and getting ready to leave for Florida. Yes, again! This time we are going with my parents to Daytona Beach. We used to vacation with them quite regularly, but we haven't been able to do so in several years so we're looking forward to next week with them.

I'm waiting until tomorrow to worry about the upcoming week though. For now, I'm going to curl up with a book, with the sounds of the hubs introducing the boys to D&D in the background.

Our geeky life is soooo good. ;)


Emily said...

Oh, D&D. :) Could there possibly be a better way to practice those basic math skills? No, I don't think so. :) Grace so enjoys reading the manuals and analyzing her character sheets. :D

In other news (that you probably don't care about because you don't even know us, but bear with me because I'm excited), my dearest husband has given the approval for a family Dragon*Con trip next year. Woohoo! :)

Kat said...

Thanks for commenting, Emily! I am SUPER excited about the approval for a Dragon*Con trip!! :D

My oldest, Bailey, is also enjoying just reading the manuals. I think he's got the Monsters Compendium (?) on his nightstand right now. :)

Our Side of the Mountain said...

You know...high school STILL makes me a bit anxious! It seems like a much more SERIOUS time of learning! After all high school is preparation for what colleges look for, right? But really it's going pretty well this year! We let our oldest have a say in what he's doing and using...and given the "reins" of time management over to him and he's definitely stepped up. Sometimes it's surprising what some trust (i.e. letting go) and guidance-through-discussion can do! Hang in there! Focus on this year! Next year will work itself out! :D

Kat said...

Thank you for the encouragement! :) I keep telling myself that I just need to worry about this year and let next year year, lol. I'm not very successful in that, but I will keep trying. We are also trying to let him have a say in the programs that we use, so he's been looking at different resources online and even requested more information from one provider. Fingers crossed that the transition from super-fun-homeschool to still-fun-but-a-bit-more-serious-homeschool isn't as tough as I'm afraid it's going to be. ;)

Thanks again!